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changchun | | From the internet. | 30 "more folk songs!"

Tuesday, September 13, 2005 at 10:10:28

| https:// | | "§ÚÚ»§A­Ó®Õ¶é¦^¾Ð¯u«Y¦nÅͯº, ¥ò¦³§Ú·Qª¾§AŪÃ䶡¤j¾Çar?"

Tuesday, September 13, 2005 at 07:26:35

| https:// | | "½|±o¦n¡APazu,§Ú¤ä«ù§A¡I¡]§Ú¥h¬Ý¹L²Ä78­¶ªº¯d¨¥¤F¡^"

Tuesday, September 13, 2005 at 04:15:24

china , in chicago now | | to find a kids song since 98 | "I think you still remember that long time age the guy call " Coolram " , he copied all of your website and list to his website ""(down already). it's me . give me a response I have something to ask you."

Sunday, September 11, 2005 at 11:36:16

| | "pazuºô¯¸¤S¥V¯v¤F¡H¡H¡H oooo...."

³£¥i¥HËÝÁ¿, «¢«¢!
Sunday, September 11, 2005 at 03:43:33

Iris | HKWALKER | "¤µ¤Ñ±qºô­¶³sµ²¨Ó¨ì³o¸Ì, µo²{§A­ì¨Ó¬O§Ú®v¥S°Ú~~! ¬Ý¨ì®Õ¶é¦^¾Ðªº¤j¾Ç½g¯uªº¦n¦n¯º......¦]¬°Dr. Yeah, Dr. Yang³£±Ð¹L§Ú......¤£¹LDr. Yang(§Úo¦aºÙ¤§¬° "¤k¤H")¦³®Éµo°_Äê´í³£´X®£©Æ >.<"

©O­Ó«Y¿i·Ò°Ú, §A¯u«Y©¯ºÖÅo, §Ú¦­´N²æ­W®ü! :P
Friday, September 9, 2005 at 23:40:25

Anthony Tran
| https:// | | "I am learning Vietnamnese as well, and interested in the book shown in your website, can you contact me as I wanna buy one! I have two bought in Vietnanm!"

I don't sell books.
Thursday, September 8, 2005 at 03:10:50

| https:// | | ¤£¬OÃa¤H "§Ú¦V¦ò¯ª°_»}§Ú¤£¬OÃa¤H°Ú;-p"

Thursday, September 8, 2005 at 02:31:49

| https:// | | "Hi Pazu, i've been a long time fans of your site, but this should be my first msg =) i would like to tell you I kept a copy of your site with content 5-6 years ago. The songs are playable too. probably you have a backup, but pls me know if you need that, thx! take care and hope you'll have a wonderful journey!! Roger"

I also have all the copies of my website, thanks anyway! And I'm happy that you like my website.
Wednesday, September 7, 2005 at 11:57:15

| | "very nice site"

Monday, September 5, 2005 at 07:20:56

| https:// | | "HI! ¤S«Y§Ú§r!¦³·P¦ÓµoËÝı±o·ç¨å«Y¤@³B¦w©~¬J¦n¦a¤è,¥u¬O¹ï¨È¬w¤H¨Ó»¡,¥i¯à·|¤ñ¸û­á.¦³ÉNçܹL¥h·ç¨å©O?"

Saturday, September 3, 2005 at 08:54:40

| | "¦n¤[没¦³§Aªº®ø®§°Õ¡A«ç¤\¤F©O¡H"

Saturday, September 3, 2005 at 03:59:54

hk | https:// | ¦n¦h¦~«eªB¤Í¤¶²Ð | "pazuºô³£«Ü¦h¦~¤F, ªì¥X¹D®Éªº¨àºqºô°µ±o«Ü¦n. «á¨Ó¦³¤@¬q®É¶¡ÉN§ó·s¤F. ¦ô­ø¨ì¦Ó®a¥ò¦³°Ú~ ¤£¹L¦³ÂI¥¢±æ, ¥H«e¥iÅ¥¨àºq§r, ²{¦bªººq³£³Q§R¤F?? ¥[ªo~~~ Ä~Äò¤ä«ù~ :) "

Friday, September 2, 2005 at 21:33:12

Kowloon | https:// | | ¦Ñ¤£¦º¤S¶ù­ø¥X¬J¦Ñ¤k¤H ;-p "«Ü¤[¨S¦³¬Ý³o­Ówebsite¤F¡A¤µ¤é¤ß±¡¤ñ¸ûdown¡A·Q°_³o­Ó¨C¦¸¬Ý«á³£¯à¨Ï¤ß±¡¦nÂIªººô­¶¡A«K¨Ó¬Ý¬Ý¡C§Ú¥i¯uªº²q¤£¨ì©O¡IÁ¦§B§B§AÁÙ¦b¥~¹C¡A§Ú¦p¨S¦³°O¿ùªº¸Ü§AÀ³¸Ó¤w¥~¹C¤T¥|¦~§a¡A¬O¶Ü¡H§Ú¯uªº«Ü¸r¼}§A°Ú¡I³o¤£³æ³æ¬O§A¤£¥Î¤u§@¨ì³B¹C¾ú¡]¡G¢ø¡^¡A¦Ó¬O§A¨º¥÷«i®ð©M¼Ý¤O¡A¨­Åé¤O¦æªº¥h·P¨ü³o­Ó¥@¬É¡CÁÙ¦³¡A§A·|¦^¨Ó­»´ä¶Ü¡HÁÙ¬O·|³o¼Ë¤l¨ì¥Ã»·¡H¦pªG§A·|¦^¨Ó­»´äªº¸Ü¡A§Ú¦³¨S¦³¾÷·|°µ§AªºªB¤Í©O¡H¦]¬°§Úı±o¯à»P§A¥æªB¤Í¡A·|¬O§Úªº©¯¹B¡C¡]¹ï¤£°_§r¡A§Ú¦³¤@­Ó¤p¤pªº½Ð¨D¡A½Ð°Ý¥i¤£¥i¥H¦^ÂШì§Úªº¶l½c¡A¦]¬°§Ú¨Ã¤£¬O¥i¥H¸g±`¤Wºôº©¹C¡D¡D¡D¡^Thanks~"

§Ú¤]¤£ª¾¦³¬Æ»ò¥i¥H»¡, ¦ýª¾¹D§Ú­Óºô­¶¯à°÷¥O§A°ª¿³, §Ú³£®¼°ª¿³¡C¤£¹L§Ú«Ü¤Ö¦bºô¤W¥æªB¤Í, ¦]¬°ºô¤W¦hÃa¤H, §A¤]³Ì¦n¤p¤ß°Õ.
Friday, September 2, 2005 at 06:54:14

Taiwan | https:// | | "hi:Á¦§B§B §Ú­è±q¤j²z¦^¨Ó,¤õ§â¸`§a,¯S³Ù¼Mªº. §Ú­Ë¦Y¤F¤£¤Öªºµß¤l,®¼¬ü¨ýªº. ®È¦æ¤¤ªº§A,¥i¦n?"

¦n¹³¦³ºØµß¶À¶À¦âªº, »¡­nµN¤Q¦h¤ÀÄÁ¤~¥i¥H¦Y, §_«h·|¤¤¬r¨­¤`¤ª¤ª, §Ú¦b©ø©ú¦Y¨ìªº.
Tuesday, August 30, 2005 at 11:06:24

Lê Harusada
| | I'm just a small dog, but not to be scared at a bear :P "Hey there! I'm just a guest who has just passed by your blog accidentally. At the very first glance, I liked you since such a cute little bear can use 3 foreign langs fluently at the same time and has been traveled so many places. After that, I've done a guess that you are not Asian since I found some mistakes in your Japs & Viets writing (what a pity I don't know Chinese). But at the end, when reading your "about", I've learnt that you're Chinese :D After all, in my opinion, it would be better if you corect the (hovering) tooltips for menu of your blog like this: ¤Í¹F bạn ¡÷ ¤Í¹F bạn bè; 写¯u bức ảnh ¡÷ 写¯u hình ảnh"

Thanks for tips and I will consider your advice. Do you have a blog too?
Tuesday, August 30, 2005 at 09:51:50

| https:// | | "PAZU,§Ú¬Ý§Aªººô­¶¤w¦³´X¦~ªº®É¶¡,§A¤¤¾Ç©M¤j¾Çªº°O¨Æ¿ý§Ú¤]¬Ý¹L,¯uªº«Ü¦³½ì. §Ú¦n©_¦a·Q°Ý§A,§A¥´ºâ¦ó®Éµ²§ô§Aªº¬y®ö¥Í¬¡¦^®a¥h?^^"

³o­Ó¬O«ÜÃø¦^µªªº°ÝÃD, ¥H«á¦Aµª§A¡C
Tuesday, August 30, 2005 at 05:55:53

«l§r | | Internet | "§ÚÚ»÷§Aºô­¶¤@¬q®É¶¡¡Aı±o¦n¦³½ì¡A©Ò¥H§Ú¤]©ñ¤F§Úªº¦L«×¹C¤Wºô¡]·íµM¨S¦³§A¦L«×¹CËݪø¤é¤l°Õ¡^¡A°£¤Fı±o§Aªººô­¶«l¤§¥~¡Aªñ´ÁÁÙµo²{§Aªº¥Í¤é¬O8¤ë17¤é¡A©M§Ú¤@¼Ë¡A©Ò¥H§Ú·|¤[¤£¤[¬Ý¬Ý§Aªººô­¶¡A½T©w¤@¤U§A¬O§_°·¦b©ÎºÎ±o¦w¸Ô¡A«¢«¢¡C ¯¬§A¤U¤@¦~¥Í¤é¤]¤@¼Ë¶}¤ß¡A¤£ª¾¹D§A¤U¦~·|¦b¨ºùØ´ç¹L¥Í¤é©O¡H^o^"

¦pªG§Ú¥i¥H¸ò§A»¡§Ú¤U¤@¦~¥Í¤é¦b­þ¸Ì¹L, §Ú´N¥ý¥h¶R¤»¦X±m. ¯¬§A¤]¥Í¤é§Ö¼Ö.
Monday, August 29, 2005 at 07:23:19

f g | https:// | f g | "§A¬Omy son"

Saturday, August 27, 2005 at 17:28:11

| https://¦b | ¦b | "¤°¤\³£没¦³还慑´±°µÊI页·d§A个东东°Ú¡v¤F¡C"

§Aªº¯d¨¥¤]¬O¬Æ»ò·N«ä¤]¨S¦³¤]¤£ª¾§A·Q¼g¬Æ»ò, ÁÙ´±¯d¦b³o¸Ì, §Ú´N¯uªº­n°Ý§A­n·d¬Æ»òªFªF.
Saturday, August 27, 2005 at 17:20:35

HK | https:// | yahoo | «æ»Ý§A¥X¤â¬Û§Uªº§Ú "²{¥¿·Ç³Æ¤@¹CÀ¸,ڻ¤ù¦ô¤Hª«,¬Û«H§A¦³¨Ç¸g¨å¤ù¬q¦p:430¬ï±ô¾÷µ¥¸`¥Ø,½Ð°Ý»Õ¤U¥i´£¨ÑÅý©O­Ó¤p¤pªº±ß·|¯à¼W²K©õ¤é±¡Ãh©M¨à®ÉªºÅw¼Ö¶Ü?"

Saturday, August 27, 2005 at 00:31:24

Hong Kong | https:// | yahoo searching | "§Ú°µºò¢ì¦³Ãö·ç¨å¤H¶¼­¹²ßºD¬Jresearch, ¥i±¤¥h¹L·ç¨å¬J¤H­ø«YËݦh¡A¦pªG­n¸g¾ú¹L­ø¦P©u¸`´NµwÃø±o¡A­øª¾©O¨ì¦³ÉN¤HÀ°¨ì§Ú©O¡H"

Friday, August 26, 2005 at 05:36:36

| | "PAZU,¬K¸`·|¦b¨º¸Ì¹L°Ú¡H§Ú哋¦³¦¨¯Z¤Í­n¥h°Ò¨¦¡B¬Z®H¹ë³£®I¶V«n¹L¬K¸`°Ú¡I¤£ª¾¦³¨S¦³¾÷·|¦P§A§¤§C¶¼ªM¶É吓­p?!"

©ÎªÌ¦³¾÷·|§a, ¦ý§Ú«Ü¤Ö¸òºô¤Í¨£­±, §A¸g±`¬ùºô¤Í¥X¨Ó°Ú? ¤p¤ß°Ú, ºô¤W«Ü¦hÃa¤H.
Friday, August 26, 2005 at 04:03:18

| | Karen "ÁöµM±Ô­z²³æ ¦ý¬OÅý§Ú¦h¤F§ó¦h·Q¹³ ¯u¸r¼}§A¥i¥H¸vµL§Ò¼ªªº¨ì³B¨« "

§A¸r¼}¤£¤F³o»ò³â, ¨þ¨þ! :P
Thursday, August 25, 2005 at 20:03:25

Mas Despacio Por favor
| | I am am a quite type person and im in love with you my dear friend! tell me more about yourself and maybe we can get together sometime! haha "yoyoyoyoyoooyoy"

Thursday, August 25, 2005 at 06:35:02

hk | | | "¦h¦~«e¬Ý¤F§Aªº¹C°O,§Ú03¦~¶}©l¨ì²{¦b³£¥h¤F3¦¸­Ó¤H®È¦æ,·íµM¤£¯à¹³§Aªº®È¦æ³o»òªø,¦]¬°­n¤u§@§ä®È¶O.§Ú¨ä¹ê¤@¦­³£¦³³o¼Ëªº·Qªk,¦ý¨S¦³°µ,ª½¨ì¬Ý¹L§Aªº¹C°O,¤~ª¾¹D³o¥Í¬¡¤è¦¡¬O¥i¦æªº,§Ú©ú¦~1¤ë³£¥´ºâ¨ì¶V«n,¬Z®H¹ë¤Î¦Ñ¾â®È¦æ.¤@¸ô¶¶­·"

One of the greatest feeling is to inspire others to follow your lifestyle, have a nice trip.
Sunday, August 21, 2005 at 06:57:23

HK | https:// | | "§Aªº¡u©BÂP©BÂPÅ]ªk°}¡v ¤¤,¨ä¤¤¤@¥y:¡u§Ú±Ð¥LÅ]ªk¦A®i...¡v Å¥»¡À³¬O:¡u§Ú¾a¥LÅ]ªk¦A®i...¡v ¤£ª¾¨º­Ó¹ï©O? ¥t¥~§Ú·Q°Ý§A¦³ÉN¦³¡u«e¶i°Ú!GulliverBoy¡v³o­º¨àºq©O?ÁÂÁÂ"

ÁÂÁ§󥿡C¥t¥~, §Ú¤]¨S¦³³o­ººq°Ú.
Saturday, August 20, 2005 at 08:46:29

HK | https:// | ¦Û¤v§äªº | 15 "§Ú¦n§Æ±æ¯à§ä¨ì¡u¦pªG¤@¥´¡vªººqÃÐ §Æ±æ¯àÀ°¦£¡C ÁÂÁÂ!!"

Thursday, August 18, 2005 at 20:17:11

| https:// | | "­øÁ¿³£­øª¾¡A¥Í~¤é~§Ö~¼Ö~§r~~!!! (¤S¦Ñ»æ¤@·³°Õ!¦º¥¼?!) ;P"

¦hÁ¦hÁÂ! «¢«¢¡C
Wednesday, August 17, 2005 at 09:56:21

| | 31·³ "¯¬§A¥Í¤é§Ö¼Ö¡IHappy Bathday¡IEeee....¤µ¤Ñ´X¦h·³¤F¡H¦n·Qª¾°Õ¡AªÖ©w¦~»´¹L..¬O¤£¬O¡Hanyway¡A§Æ±æ§A³£¦³­Ó§Ö¼Öªº8¤ë¡A9¤ë¡A10¤ë¡A11¤ë¡A12¤ë¡A¦P®I2006¦~....:D"

¦~ÄÖ«Y¯µ±KØ{, «¢«¢, ÁÂÁÂ!
Wednesday, August 17, 2005 at 06:37:27

| https:// | | "very nice site .keep it up"

Wednesday, August 17, 2005 at 03:44:29

| | "happy birthday, your website is really cool, after reading your blog, i felt an impulse to quit my job and do the same like you, but I know that may not come true anyway. By the way, I love the pictures in the photo album, they are so beautiful. I think you should consider to publish your own travel book and put it on shelves."

§¤¨¥°_¦æ, §A³£§Öd °_¦æ°Õ! «¢«¢!
Wednesday, August 17, 2005 at 03:02:45

HK | https:// | | "­è¥©¬Ý¨ì¹s¤@¦~¤K¤ë¤Q¤­¤éªº¹C°O¡A«¢«¢¡A¤µ¤é§Ö¼Ö°Ú¡I¡I¡@¯¬®È³~´r§Ö¨ë¿E¥­¦w¡C"

§Ú¤é¤é³£Ëݨë¿E, ³£­øÍq¦A¯¬³â, ÁÂÁÂ! :)
Tuesday, August 16, 2005 at 22:59:29

| https:// | | "§A¦n°Ú..§Ú¦¨¤é¦³¤p¤p®É¶¡´N¤W¾¤Ú»§Ad¤é°O..Á¿¯u..§Ú¦n¨ØªA§A..§Ú¦n·Q¨ä¹ê¦³d«§ÅX¨Ï§AÄ~Äò®È¦æ©O?? ¦P®I§Ú·Q°Ý¦³ÉN¥H«e¤¤°êd¤é°O??"

¨ä¹ê°Ê¾÷«Ü²³æ, ´N¬O¦]¬°³ßÅw¹À¡C¥t¥~, ¤¤°êªº¹C°O, ¦bºô¤WÁÙ¦³°Ú¡C
Sunday, August 14, 2005 at 07:26:35

­»´ä | https:// | ªB¤Í | 25, male "¬Ý¨ì¦U¤U¥|³B¹£Áþ¡A§Úªº¤ß¤]¹ª°Ê¡C§Ú¦b¤¤ªF¦a¤¤®üªu©¤®Ì¤F¥|­Ó¤ë¡A¤]¦³«D±`±I¹æo¬J®É­Ô¡C§Ú¤£´±»¡¨C­Ó°_µ{ªº¤Hªº¤ß¤]¹³¥Lªº­I¥]¡AÁ`¬O¸üµÛ¤@¨ÇÃø¥H©ñ§Cªº¨Æ¤~¯à°÷¼Ö¦b®Èµ{¡AµM¦Ó¨º¬O¤@ºØ¤£ªP¦¹¥Íªº´þ¨ý¡A´N¬OªÖ©wªº¤F¡C­Y¦³¾÷·|¦b®È³~¹J¨ì¦U¤U¡A©EªM¯ù¡AÀ³¸Ó¤£¿ù¡C§Æ±æ¦³¾÷·|»P§A¶É½Í¤@¤U¡C"

Saturday, August 13, 2005 at 20:38:58

| https:// | | "©O±Æ©¿µMı±o®É¶¡¨«±o¶W§Ö¡A§Ö¨ì¦³d±o¤HÅå¡A§A¦³¦P·P¶Ü?? -_-"" (§A°±«Y°Ò¨¦ËÝ­@¡A¦ü¥G­ø¦h±Ë±o¨«噃?) bye>"

«Y°Õ, ³£­øª¾ÂI¸Ñ¯dËÝ­@, «¢«¢¡C
Saturday, August 13, 2005 at 08:30:17

| https:// | | "Like the 80's cartoon much. My especially love is"³·À­Äƹs". Really enjoy these ¨àºqmuch. Hope u can add more traditional and special songs shortly. Like the song of"³·À­Äƹs" ;P Thanks&GoodLuck!"

Saturday, August 13, 2005 at 06:50:31

pAy pAy
| https:// | | "Hi Pazu, Then where u now?? hmm may i have to ask that when u travel in ¦èÂáAdid u know man called "Idle". take care :)"

Friday, August 12, 2005 at 02:09:39

yan "hi, Pazu We talked to each other once before. It was a long time ago. I was reading your articles. Even though we don't know each other, you seems like an old friend to me. I just want to say hi. "

I would be very glad if you feel this way. :)
Tuesday, August 9, 2005 at 23:18:24

bowind "±o¶~«}¼gªð¹C°OÅo¡A¤£¦n¥u¬O¬Ý¨ì<¨È¬w¹C°O¦Û2004¦~¦Ü¤µ¤wxxx¤Ñ¡r¡A¦n´e¬[¡I"

¼M, §A¥s¨ì, §Ú¥ß§Y§â¤@¨Ç·s¹C°O¤Wºô, ¤£¹L³£¬O´X­Ó¤ë¤§«eªº¹C°O³â¡CÁÂÁ¤ä«ù!
Monday, August 8, 2005 at 22:22:12

Pay "Hi Pazu, no matter i knew u b4 or not.. i was so Glad to see a web site like that so smooth and interesting... carry on, Pazu :)"

Monday, August 8, 2005 at 02:18:52

Grace "Hahah.........Why Chester make such a explanation here. PAZU, u look great in the pic. "

¼M, §AËÝÁ¿«YÉA³¥·N«ä¥ý? :?
Sunday, August 7, 2005 at 00:28:15

¨È¥Ö "hey if u Knew me I am PAY PAY, pleasse call me back.. heeee ;) "

Friday, August 5, 2005 at 03:02:27


Thursday, August 4, 2005 at 22:34:03

Chester "Hey, Seylo! Just to clarify a few things: 1. I don't even have much expectation towards the Education bits here in Hong Kong, even if I am working as a teacher here. 2. Just wanted to see you because this could be a very 'strange' experience of meeting a secondary school friend somewhere outside Hong Kong, especially for those who have not really make the arrangement. Of course this is my pleasure to meet you, Pazu and Oat! 3. Yes, and I am still figuring out what I have done in Bangkok and Pattaya, seemingly nothing!"

¥¿¬O¦]¬°§A³£°µ¥ª¦Ñ´þ, ©Ò¥H¤H¤H³£ÉNÉA´Á±æ, ¨þ¨þ!
Thursday, August 4, 2005 at 11:07:35

ªÎ¤O Eric 'Spanner' | r: | f: Hong "Gong" | p: "±q¥L¤Hªºblog§ä¨ì³oªF¦è¡A¤£ª¾¯à§_§U¤p­è­è§ó¦nªº¨É¨üblog¡G"

Wednesday, August 3, 2005 at 05:47:03

Victor (Wai Kin) Chan | r: Google | f: USA | p: A very excited pre-father looking for a name for his son. "Hello Pazu, I'll be a father in around two weeks. My son is going to be born on around August 21st and I'm thinking to find a very special name for him. I love the movie Laputa (by Miyazaki Hayao) very, very much and therefore I'm thinking to name my son as "Pazu"--the name of the main character of this movie. May I ask you few questions regarding this name? 1) Where is the origin of the name "Pazu?" Does it a Japanese name or what? 2) What does it mean? Thank you so much for your help. Victor "

I'm not quite sure the origin of Pazu and I used this name for the same reason that I'm a fans of Laputa, I guess this is just another invention of Miyazaki. But I had a great problem using it, most people couldn't really pronounce it right, or most people couldn't even spell it right, sometimes people emailed me and called me something like Pasu, Kasu, or anything you can imagine. And never attempt to link Pazu with Laputa in any writing, or people would think you're running a porn website or what. Ask a French or Spanish friend, all of them would immediately think "laputa" means something like "bitch"... trust me on this, I'm not kidding! My friend used to run a cafe in Lijiang called Laputa, but she dropped the name when she received funny complaints from Spaniards, so lucky that I couldn't apply the domain name 8 years ago. Anyway, I didn't say Pazu isn't a good name for your son, but you should avoid any "possibility" of your son being laughed at by his classmates.
Tuesday, August 2, 2005 at 21:40:02

bowind "[½ò¨®¶Â¿Ç\¬õ¿Ç]§Ú¬Ý±o«Ü²M·¡¡A§Ú²×¤_©ú¥Õ¡A­ì¨Ó¬O³o¼Ëªº¡A©Ç¤£±othe green milesªºtom hanks³Q¥}¥Ç½ð¤¤¤UÅé¦Z¡Aª¦¤£°_¨Ó~~~"

­ø... §A²{¦b¤~ª¾¹D§r?
Sunday, July 31, 2005 at 08:31:40

Yonnie "³ÞÁ¦§B§B!§Ú¤µ¤é²×©ó¥i¥H²Ó¤ß²Ó¾\§A¥§­ÓWebsite(¦ý³£¥u¬O¤Ö³¡¥÷,¦]¬°¹ê¦b¤Ó¦h³¥­n²Ó¤ßÚ»°Õ). ­ì¨Ó§A¯u¬O¤@­Ó¯u¥¿ªºTraveller§r!!!!!!!!"«l" ­ø³q§A¯u«Y¦n¦ü§Aªü¶ý©ÒÁ¿"¤@°¦ÉN¸}ªº³¶¥J"?? ¦hÁ§A«Ü©Â´N¦^ÂЧڪº¯d¨¥ , ¥ò¦³Ú»¥ª§A¥§­Óºô , §Ú·Q§Ú¤@©w­n"ªº"°_¤ß¨x , ¥h­p¹º§Ú¤U¦~ªº¼Ú¹C¤j­p. "

¯¬§A§Ö§Ö°_¦æ, ¤@¸ô¶¶­·! :)
Friday, July 29, 2005 at 00:24:11

angela "good"

Thursday, July 28, 2005 at 22:52:54

Karen G. "Pazu, I have been searching in your website for lyrics for some of the songs. But I cannot find them. Have you deleted some of the lyrics?"

§Ú¨S¦³§R°£, ¦pªG§ä¤£¨ì´N¬O§Ú¤]¨S¦³, ¤£§«¸Õ¸Õ¥h¦Ê«×§ä§ä¡C
Thursday, July 28, 2005 at 22:44:15

Karen G. "i love your website. it brings back a lot of childhood memories, memories that i thought had been lost. thanks for your website, pazu!!"

Thursday, July 28, 2005 at 22:42:13

on "is king jr still ok or alive? he hasn't showed up for his last few blogs...oh, also hope Oat will get well soon. "

Thursday, July 28, 2005 at 22:03:19

rainbowing_chan "¹s±áºÎ¤£µÛ.....¬O²Ä1­Ó¥O§Ú·P°Ê±o¬y²\ªººô­¶..·Q©À§Úªºµ£¦~.·Q©À§Úªº¨àºq................¦hÁ±z~ºô¥D"

Thursday, July 28, 2005 at 15:58:51

Yonnie "¦n¶}¤ßÚ»¨ì§A¥§­ÓWebsite , ¦Ó®a§Ú­p¹ººò¤U¦~¥h¼Ú¬wª±(ªk°ê, ²üÄõ, ­^°ê, ·ç¤h), ¦]¬°§Ú·Q¤@­Ó¤H¥h¤S²Ä¤@¦¸¦Û¤v¥Xªù, ¥i¯à¹ï¦Û¤vÉNÉA«H¤ß¦Pd­^¤å¤S¤£¤Ó¦n , ©Ò¥H³£­øª¾ÂIplan¦n , §Ú³£¦³¶R¤@¨Ç¼Ú¹Cªº®ÑÚ».³£¦³­Óconcept, §Æ±æ§A¥i¥H¤ñd·N¨£§Ú 1.¶R¤õ¨®µýÀ³¦b­»´ä¶R¦n©w¥X°ê¤§«á¤~¶R? 2.¦í¤è­±, «C¦~®ÈªÀ©Î¬O¨ä¥L®ÈÀ]? 3.°]ª«¤è­±, À³¸ÓÂI³B²z·|¦w¥þd,¦Ó¥BÀ³±aCredit card©w«Y®È¦æ¤ä²¼?? 4.§Ú·Q§Ú¤@¯ëªº­^¤å¹ï¸ÜÀ³¸Óok , §Ú»Ý­ø»Ý­n¦b¥X°ê«e¥ý¾Ç¦nd­^¤å? ­ø¦n·N«ä§Ú°Ý±o¤Ó¦h°ÝÃD, §Æ±æ§A¥i¥HÀ°¤U§Ú°Õ! Thanks"

1. À³¸Ó­n¥ý¦b­»´ä¶Rªº, ¥H«e»¡¦b¼Ú¬w¤£¯à¶Reurail pass(¦]¬°¬Oµ¹¥~°ê¤H¥Î), ²{¦b±¡ªp«ç¼Ë§Ú¤]¤£½T©w°Ú¡C¤­¦~«e§Ú¬O¦b¾ÇÁp(»ÉÆrÆW)¶R¤õ¨®²¼¡C2. ¦í±J¤]¬O¦í«C¦~®ÈÀ], ¤@¨Ó¸û«K©y, ¤G¨Ó¸û©ö»{ÃѨä¥L¦~¬ö®t¤£¦hªº¤H, ¤£¹L¦U®ÈÀ]ªº¬ÛÃö¸Ô±¡, §A­n¬Ý®È¹C®Ñªº¤¶²Ð¡C3. ¥h¼Ú¬wªº¸Ü, ¥Î®È¦æ¤ä²¼¤]¬O«Ü¤è«K¤S¦w¥þ, §Úı±o¥i¥H³o¼Ë, ¬ù30%¬O²{ª÷, 30%¬O®È¦æ¤ä²¼, 30%¬O´£´Ú¥d, ¦b¥~°ê¥Î plus ©Î cirrus ªººôµ¸®³¿ú (¬Ý¬Ý§Aªº´£´Ú¥d­I«á, À³¸Ó¤w¤J¤F°ê»Úºô), ¨C¦¸¦¬¶Ohk$20¤âÄò¶O, ¤]¤£ºâ¶Q¡C¦Ü©ó«H¥Î¥d, §Ú¨S¦³¥Î¡C4. ­^¤å¤è­±,,, ¨ä¹ê¤£·|»¡, ¤]¥i¥H¥h¹C (¬Ý¬Ý¤é¥»¤H...), ¦ý©l²×»P·í¦a¤H©Î¨ä¥L®È«È¥æ¬yªº¾÷·|´N¬Û¹ï¸û¤Ö, ¨ºÃä¹J¤W­»´ä¤Hªº¾÷·|¤S¤£ºâ¤Ó¦h, ¬Æ»ò®É­Ô¤]À³¸Ó¡u¾Ç¦n¡v, ¤Ï¥¿¤£¥h®È¦æ¤]¨ü¥Î¹À¡C
Tuesday, July 26, 2005 at 09:27:13

Wil "°O±o¥H©¹¦³ªº§ïµü¤ÎÃM©Oºq¡A¬°¦ó¦p¤µ³Q§R±¼¤F¡H"

¦]¬°§Ú¦Û¤v«e«e«á«áÅ¥o¥ª¤Q¦¸, ı±o¦n´e, ´N§Ro¥ªÊ\¡C:p
Monday, July 25, 2005 at 20:13:20

OfficeLazy "¦]§ä¨àºqºqµü¦Ó¨Ó¨ì³oºô ¦]¤µ¤é­ø¶}¤ß¬G¥|³òCLICK¤U §Ú«Ü³ßÅw§A¼g¤å³¹ªºTONE §Ú«Ü³ßÅw§A¨º½gprofile ¦p¦³®É¶¡¡M§Ú©w·|²Ó¾\§Aªºwebsite :)"

Sunday, July 24, 2005 at 23:36:07

joyce "§Aªº¦Û©ç¤ù¬q«Ü¦n©O! Pazu¦³·Q¹L¦ó®É¦^¨Ó¶Ü?"

Sunday, July 24, 2005 at 09:00:32

otto "I love you and your diary"

Saturday, July 23, 2005 at 13:21:10

¦è¥Ê "hi pazu! §Ú¦b±I¹æªº¤é¤l¦A¦¸¤W§Aªººô¯¸¬Ý¹C°O, µo²{¥¼Åª§¹¤¤°ê³¡¥÷, §A¤w¶}©l¥t¤@¦¸®Èµ{. §Q®`! §Aªº flash ¬Ûï¸Ñ¹³«×¦ü¥G«Ü§C. ®ö¶O¤Fº}«Gªº¬Û¤ù. :) §Ú¥u¬Ý¤F´X±i§d­ôfut¬Û, ´NµL¤ß¾÷¬Ý¤U¥h. ¬O§Úªº¹q¸£³]©w¦³¿ù¶Ü? :("

§A¬Ý¤£¨ì¨º¨Ç·Ó¤ù, ¨ì©³¬O§AµL¤ß¾÷, ©w«Y¹q¸£¦³°ÝÃD§r?
Friday, July 22, 2005 at 19:28:34

mEi mEi "Pazu §A e+ ¥h¨ìÃä§r? ¦n­@³£ÉN§A¬J®ø®§³â!¦n±¾¦í§A¦P§A¬J¹C°O§r!§Ö d post §A¬J³Ì·s¦æÂܦP¤j®a¤À¨É°Õ! ¯¬®È³~´r§Ö^^"

§Ú¦b°Ò¨¦°Ú, §A¥i¥H¬Ý¤p­è­è¤é°O´Nª¾§ÚÁÙ¥¼¦º¡C
Wednesday, July 20, 2005 at 08:52:46

Steven "´X®É¦³·s¬ÛÚ»? §A«YVietnamÃÑD ªB¤Í ºØ¦³ÉNÁpµ¸¶Ü? (¨Ò¦pªk°ê¥J¦P­^°ê©f) "

¦³°Ú, ¥L­ÌÁÙ°·¦b¡C
Wednesday, July 20, 2005 at 07:19:12

alex "WEI §A­Ó¹C°O¦n¥¿§r,¤S¥[´¡O¥ªD¦³Ãö¶V«n¤åO¬J³¥,¨ä¹ê§Ú¹ï»y¨¥¾Ç¦n¦³¿³½ì¦]¦¹,§Ú¥ò¦³D°ÝÃD·Q°Ý 1.²{¥N¶V«n¤å¸Ì,«Y­ø«Y¥ò«Y¨C­Ó¦rªº­I«á³£¬O¤@­Óº~¦r,¥u¬O¥Î«÷©Rªí¹F¥X¨Ó¦Ó¤w?(´N¹³¤é,Áú¤å¤@¼Ë,¥u¬O¥Î¤@¨Ç²Å¸¹¨ú¥N¤F­Ó§Oº~¦r) 2.²{¥N¶V«n¤HÃÑÚ»º~¦r¶Ü?"

¥j¥Nªº¶V«n¤å®Ñ¼g¤èªk¡A°£¤F¥Î¤¤°êªºº~¦r¥~¡AÁÙ¦³¤g»sªº¡u³ä¦r¡v¡]Chu Nom¡^¡C²³æ¤@»¡¡A¤Z¬O¨Ó¦Ûº~»yªº¥~¨Ó»y³£¥Îº~¦r¡F¶V¤å¥»¤g»y«h¥Î³ä¦r¡C©Ò¥H§A°Ýªº¬O§_¨C­Ó¦r­I«á³£¦³¤@­Óº~¦r¡Aµª®×¬O¤£¹ïªº¡C¦Ü©ó¶V«n¤H¬O§_À´º~¦r¡A°ò¥»¤W¬O¤£À´¡A¦ý¶V«n©M©|ÁÙ­n¾Çº~¤å¦ò¸g¡A¥Hº~¦r®Ñ¼g¡A¦ý¥Hº~¶V­µ°á¸g¡AÅ¥°_¨Ó®¼¦³½ì¡C
Tuesday, July 19, 2005 at 07:47:47

¤p¨Ì "I enjoyed reading every bit of your journal. ¨s³º§A«Y¤j¾Ç«YŪ¬Æ»ò¬ì¥Ø¬[? ÂI¸Ñ§Aªº¦Û©çµu¤ù°Å±µ±o¥Ì¦n,¾Ç¨ä¥L»y¨¥¤S¥Ì§Ö¤W¤â? ­ø³q§A«Ydouble major¬J? §A¾Ç¹L´XºØ»y¨¥¤§¤¤,ı±oÃäºØ¤ñ¸û®e©ö´x´¤? ¦n´Á«Ý§A¿ðD¥h®I¤¤ªF,¾Ç®Iªü©Ô§B¸Ü,¬Ý¬Ý§Aªº»y¨¥¤Ñ¤À¨s³º¦³´X°ª,«¢«¢.«Y³â, §A¬Jtravel insurance¶R¨ì¥Ì­@¶Ü? ­«¦³­«¦³, ·í§A¥h¨ì¤s¥d©Ô¦a¤è¬J®É­Ô,§A³¡DC¦P®Ilaptop¹q¦À«}µL±o¥R¹qlor? ¦n¨ØªA§A¬J«i®ð¤Î¼Ý¤O. Happy travels :) "

Monday, July 18, 2005 at 07:27:51

Winney "Hi Pazu, just doing a research on Tibet and found one of your blog. Saw the writer named "pazu", so suprise, i go into your website starting in 99. I just imigrated from HK to Los Angeles, found your ¨àºqºô and everything you wrote was so funny, so i check it out everyday. Now, I envy that you can travel to so many places. I was a tour leader before and i think i'm addicted to travel already. Wanna do the same thing as you do. Go to different places, stay as long as you want. By the way, if you have any chance to come to LA, please do contact me. I'll go to tibet in Sept. 05, will stop by HK for a couple days. Travel safe. "

Sunday, July 17, 2005 at 23:22:44

jh "Searching "°ê¹D"in Yahoo search engine,your travelog come out as one of the result.It is very good(include your ¹C°O and design of the web site.)I will go to ·sæin August.Do you have any idea about it.It seen that you never go there before.But I belive you have something to say about it. Finally, thanks for sharing your experience. "

§Ú¨ä¹ê¥h¹L¨â¦¸·sæ, ¦ý³r¯d®É¶¡³£¤£ªø, ¤]¨S¦³¬Æ»ò¸ê®Æ¥i¥H´£¨Ñ¡C¤£¹L§Ú²Ä¤@¦¸¥h·sæ¤]¬O¦b¤K¤ë¥÷, ¯²¤F°¨¦b¤½¸ô¤WÃM¤F¤@¤Ñ, ·Pı«Ü³p»»¦Û¦b (¤×¨ä¬O¤½¸ô¤W©¿µM«_¥X¤@½øº¡¸ü¹C«Èªº¤½¨®...)¡C:p
Sunday, July 17, 2005 at 04:01:41

Destiny "¦pªG¥i¥[¤J¨àºq¦~¥÷©Î¥d³q°Êµe¼½¼v¦~¥÷, ³o­Ó¸ê®Æ®w«K§ó¥[±j¤j¤F!"

¨S¦³¬Æ»ò°Ê¤O¥h§ó·s, §AÅý¥¦¦w¸Ô¤@ÂI§a¡C
Saturday, July 16, 2005 at 05:40:10

Seed "Read about the accident. Hope Oat is doing OK. Get well and recover soon. All the best wishes."

Thanks, I think he'll be quite surprised that somebody from the internet would send him a regard!
Friday, July 15, 2005 at 01:42:39

Agnes "¦³¦n¦h³¥·Q½Ð°Ý, ¦n¦ü, §A¼Ú¹C®É©Ò¦í¬J¦a¤è¦w¥þ¶Ü? §Ú¦Û¤v¤@­Ó¤k¥J, «D±`¾á¤ß¤H¥Í¦w¥þ°ÝÃD! ¥H¤Î, »ù¿ú¤è­±¶Q¶Ü? ¦]¥»¤H¥´ºâ¤µ¦~§À¥h¤@Âà¼Ú¬w. ·Q¦h½Ð±Ð¦³¸gÅçªÌ. ! Á !!!"

·PıÁÙ¬O®¼¦w¥þªº, ¦ý¨ºÃ䪺¤p«Ä©M«C¦~¨S¦³¨È¬wªºÅ¥¸Ü, ¦³®É®¼³Â·Ð¡C¤jÅé¤W¤£·|¥X¬Æ»ò·N¥~, ¥u¬O¦b¤Ú¾¤ªº¬Y­Ó±ß¤W¦b¤@±ø¤pµó¹D¸Ì³Q¤H±q«á±À­Ë, ·Q·m§ÚªF¦è¡C³æ¨­¤k¤l¥h, À³¸Ó¬O¨S°ÝÃD°Ú¡C»ù¿ú¤è­±, §¤¤õ¨®¦í«C®È, §Ú¨ä¹ê³£Ä±±o«Ü¶Q, ¤£§«¦Ò¼{½ñ¦Û¦æ¨®§a¡C
Thursday, July 14, 2005 at 23:03:36

philip | r: just by chance | f: china(currently in germany) | p: 22 "§Ú¨t¼w国读紧书,³Ìªñ识¥ª个¶V«n¤k¥J,so,对¶V«n0¬J©Ò¦³0³¥³£¦³兴½ì!!!(§Ú¨t¼é¦{¤H,¤£过³£识讲广东话0¬[) §A个website°µduck¦n¦n!!¬JµM§A对¶V«n0¥Ì¤F¸Ñ,¥i0§^¥i¥H¦P§Úshare¤@¤U§A对¶V«n¤k¥J0¬J¬Ýªk???? danke!"

§A·ío¥ª§Ú«Y¥Õ¤p©j§r? ¹B®Ü±o§A!
Thursday, July 14, 2005 at 14:48:50

Whim "Your " Self-made video" really Nice!!!Special the background music match ur viode perfectly . May I know the Song &Singer & CD name? Have joyful time all the time of ur trips!"

It's Les Copains D'Abord from Georges Brassens, the CD has the same name.
Thursday, July 14, 2005 at 09:31:13