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nat "Those pictures you took are very nice. I didn't click on each pic but pick some once in a while. Just now I found an interesting pic in the album of lijiang old town--"Grandma". The grandma is feeding the little child, who's sitting on the mom (?)'s lap. Most of the words on the couplet beside the grandma are covered by shadow, except the word "Ching". That's interesting. :)"

Sunday, March 16, 2003 at 03:18:01

fish "³Þ, ¤pÁ¦§B, §Úª¾¹D§Aöªü´I¦½¤ñ¤H°½¤F¥»³q°T¿ý¤§«á, ©¿µM·Q°Ý¤U, ¨ä¹ê§A±qÂ÷¶}­»´ä¤§«á§AÁ`¦@µ²ÃѤF¦h¤Ö¤H©O, ¨ä¤¤¤°»ò¤H³Ì¥O§A¦L¶H²`¨è§r?"

§ÚÃÑ¥ª´X¦h¤H? ­øª¾°Ú, ³Ì¯S§Oªº, ¦n¦h³£¦b¹C°O¼g¤F, ¦³¨Ç¨S¦³¦b¹C°O´£ªº, ¦b³o¸Ì¤]¤£´£.
Sunday, March 16, 2003 at 01:50:30

Mi Mi "Á¦§B§B,Have you change your email address?I've sent you a mail for enquiry again but it was failed.AW, can you contact me at as your earliest convenience.ThanksMimi"

Saturday, March 15, 2003 at 22:52:23

ªéêß "§Ú³ß·RªºÂ¨àºq¦±¯u¬O¼Æ¤§¤£ºÉ>¨Ò¦p:ªüªáªº¬G¨Æ¡B§Ú«Y¤p§Ò·G¡B¤p®É­Ô¡B¦pªG¤@¥´¡B «N¥Ö¤Ûªk¤pªá¥P(ªá°Õªá°Õ)¡B ¤p²¢²¢¡B¬ü¤Ö¤k¾Ô¤h¢áµ¥µ¥"

Saturday, March 15, 2003 at 22:47:01

maokoo "³Þ,Á¦§B§B, ¦³¨S¦³·Q¹L¥h¥|¤t¶ð¤½¨ºÃä,¤£¿ùªº§r, §A¤°»ò®É­Ô¥´ºâ¦^­»´ä?­»´ä¤H¤ß±¡¦n¹³¶°Åé¥Í¯f¤F¨C­Ó¤H³£¦n¹³«Ü¤£¶}¤ß, §Aª¾¹DÄR¦¿¶}«È´ÌÁö­n¦h¤Ö¿ú¶}·~©O? ÁÂÁÂ¥ý "

¦n¶Q¬[, çܳ£­ø¦nçÜ!
Friday, March 14, 2003 at 08:49:54

Ada "§A¦³ÉNÚ»·s»D§r? ¦³Ãö«D¨å«¬©ÊªÍª¢. §A¤´¨­¦b¥~¦a, ­Y§A¨£¦³µo¿N + «y + ÉN·ð, §A´N¦n§Ödªð¾¤hk³â. ®a°}±¡ªp¶}©l¦n®£©Æ, ³sÃäºØ¯f¬r³£¥¼ª¾, ¼ç¥ñ´Á¤S¥¼ª¾, ¦ýd¤H³£«Y¤@·P¬V¨ì«á­Y©µ¿ð´X¤éÂåªv´N¦n§Ö¦º(´X¤é¤º). ´¶³qÚ»Âå¥Í¤SÚ»­ø¥X, °£«D·ÓªÍ. ³Ìªì¥Ñ¤¤°ê¶}©l, ®a°}³s­»´ä, ·s¥[©Y, ¶V«n³£¦³. ¯u«Y¦n¾á¤ß§A, §A°O¦í­Y¦³¥H¤W¯f¼x, «}¥H¬°«Y·P«_, §Y¨è¥h·í¦aÂå°|check check, ¥²­n®É§Yªðhk. Delay no more! (­ø«YÁ¿²Ê¤f, Á¿¯u.)"

ÁÂÁÂÃö¤ß, §Ú·|¤p¤ß¤F, §ÚçÜÉN¨Æ¨ö...
Friday, March 14, 2003 at 06:26:15

Mr. Karakoram "Hi! I am going to go to Pakistan and then back to Xinjiang through the Karakoram Highway. I heard Khunjerab pass is closed until the beginning of May so I'd like to ask how you managed to go back to Kashgar in winter?? Thanks!"

§Ú¬O¦b12¤ë19¤é¹LÃöªº, 12¤ë30¤é(­ø«Y31¤é)¤~«ÊÃö, ¹ï§ÚµL¼vÅT. §Ú¦b¶ð¤°®wº¸¤z®É, ¨£¨ì®üÃöªù¤f¯u«Y¶K¥ª±i¯È, ¸Ü5¤ë¥ý¥i¥H¹L°Ú, ÉN­p¥J...
Thursday, March 13, 2003 at 00:01:28

fish "§A·F»ò­n¥X¹q¸Ü? §A¯uªº·Q¦bÄR¦¿ªø¦í¶Ü?"

¦]¬°¦³¤H·Q§ä§Ú, ¦ý¤£ª¾§Ú¹q¸Ü, ³o¥u¬O®ÈÀ]ªº¹q¸Ü¦Ó¤w.
Tuesday, March 11, 2003 at 23:32:46

Esther Chan "ÄR¦¿¦³¨S¦³¶W¯Å¥«³õ¡H¦³½Ã¥Í¤y½æ¶Ü¡H§Ú·Q¥h¶³«n®È¦æ¡A¥h­@¤@ÂIªº¡A¦ýÀH¨­Äâ±a¤Ó¦h½Ã¥Í¤y½Ñ¦h¤£«K¡C"

·íµM¦³, ¦ýÅ¥»¡¤j³°ªºÅ@µÎ³ù¸ò­»´äªº½è¶q¤£¦P, ¥Î°_¨Ó¨S¦³¨º»òµÎªA, ©Ò¥H¦pªG¦³»Ý­n, ³Ì¦n¦Û³Æ.
Monday, March 10, 2003 at 17:57:36

Your secondary Schoolmate "Hi, PazuI recently heard from my classmate. He tell me that Ho Sin Ming, the one you mention in the diary, is become a policy. It is unbelivable. Moreover, I mee Wu Ka Wai ( The fat men) in the Mong Kok. He is much fatter than past now. Moreover, Lui Chi Wing ( The class rep in F1) is a fireman now!finally I hope u can come back soon!Bye"

¤Ó¯«©_¤F! §A¬O½Ö¤H°Ú?
Monday, March 10, 2003 at 17:41:58

cherry "¨Æ¹j¥b¦~...§Ú¯d¹L2¦¸¨¥...³£«Y°Ý§A¦³ÉN"·s¤p²¢²¢"O¬J¥DÃD¦±~"º¡¸ü·R¤ß" ????¦p¦³..¥i§_SENDµ¹§Ú????ICQ NO: 171564237ÁÂÁÂ!!~~"

ºô­¶¼g±o«Ü²M·¡¨àºq¤U¸üªº°ÝÃD, ½Ð¯d·N.
Sunday, March 9, 2003 at 21:55:34

Silva "±q¨àºq¨ìicq¨ì®È°O»{ÃÑÁ¦§B§B³o¬q¤é¤l¥u¾å±oÁ¦§B§Bªºµ£¦~¹³¹xµUªº¼Ë¤l«oÅý§Ú¦n¤Í¦bÄR¦¿¨£¨ìÁ¦§Bªº¿c¤s¯u»ª...Á¦§B°ÚÁ¦§B§A·Rªw¦bÄR¦¿¬Æ©Î¬O®È³~ªº¤ß±¡¬O«ç¼Ëªº? ·R³o¼Ëªº¹C¤l¤§¤ß?"

Sunday, March 9, 2003 at 14:56:33

Gary Ying "Your diary does reflect everyday life from different cultures. But it just scratches the surface. Sadly, the more I read, I simply can¡¦t differentiate whether you are talking about India, Afghanistan, or Lijiang. There¡¦s nothing wrong with the casualness in your own observation reflected in your writing. It¡¦s your life style. Given the luxury of time you have, also haven the chance to BE THERE, shouldn¡¦t you be looking deeper? Why spend 2 years instead of 7 days to capture what you are trying to express?"

§Úı±oªü´I¦½¸ò¤Ú°ò´µ©Z®¼¬Û¹³, ¦ý¦pªG§Úªº¹C°O·|Åý§Aı±o, ÄR¦¿¸òªü´I¦½®t¤£¦h, ¨º»ò¥i¯à¬O§Úªºªí¹F¯à¤O¤£¤Ó¦n, ©Î¬O§Ú±¡Ã´ÄR¦¿, ¨­¦bªü¤Ú¤ß¦b¦¿! ©Ò¥H§Úªºinternal soul¨«¨Ó¨«¥h, ³£¨«¦^¥hÄR¦¿.
Sunday, March 9, 2003 at 08:03:17

Kevin "§Úªá¤F¤C¤Ñªº¤u¾l®É¶¡¥h¬Ý¹M§A¨C°¦¦r!! §A¥i­n§V¤O¼g¤U¥h°Ú!!! «ö:¦p§Aªººô­¶­n·h®a,©w·í¹q¶l³qª¾§Ú,§Ú©w¥²Ä~Äò°l¬Ý!!!"

§A¥i¥H§â§Aªº¹q¶l¥[¶i§Úªº³q°T¦W³æ, ·|¦Û°Ê³qª¾§A¬ÛÃö¸ê®Æ.
Wednesday, March 5, 2003 at 23:43:50

¯u¤p¤p "§Ú¤U¬P´Á·|¨ì¶³«n®È¦æ,­p¹º¨ì©ø©ú,¤j²z©MÄR¦¿¡A¦ý¥u¦³¤C¤Ñ®É¶¡¡A¤U¤È¤T®É¦h¤~¨ì©ø©ú¡A½Ð«Øij§Ú§Y±ß©¹¤j²zÁÙ¬O²Ä¤G±ß¤~¥h©O¡H§Ú³Ì¼~¼{¬O¤Ñ®ð°ÝÃD¡A½Ð°Ý¨º¸Ì²{¦bªº¤Ñ®ð«ç¼Ë?¦bÄR¦¿¦³ªð©ø©úªºª½¨®¶Ü¡H"

©ø©ú©MÄR¦¿¤§¶¡¦³ª½³q¨®, ¦­¤Wªº¬O¯S§Ö, ¤C¤p®É, Y152; ±ß¤W¬Oª×¾Q¨®, Y109. ÄR¦¿±ß¤W¦³ÂI§N, ¦Û¤v¦h±a¦çªA.
Wednesday, March 5, 2003 at 13:05:06

chan wl " pazu!92¦~§Ú¦bdarra¥Îー¤ä点45±KªL¡B¶ZÂ÷¢°¢¯¢¯¦Ì¡Bµo¤F¢±¢¯¦hºj¡B¤]µLªk¥´¤¤¤@±ø¤òロ¬J¤s¦Ï¡B³ºµM¬¡¦b¤U¤@¥@¬ö¡I¯u¤ñ½Æ¨î¦Ï¦hÄRªº¥h¥@§ó¨Ï§Ú¾_Åå¡I"

§A¤]¬¡¤F¤@­Ó¥@¬ö, ¨SÉAËÝ¥X©_.
Tuesday, March 4, 2003 at 15:48:10

¤p¥Ê§b "Pazu:¬Ý¤F§A³Ì·sªº¹C°O,¯uªº¦n¿³¾Ä©O! ¤@:§A¥­¦wµL¨Æ.¤G:§A¦^¤F§Úªº¯d¨¥.¤T:¬O³Q§A®È¦æ¤¤ªº¦UºØ¬G¨Æµ¹·P°Ê.¥|:§Ú¤U­Ó¤ë¤]­n¨ì¤j²z&ÄR¦¿£¬!§Æ±æ§AÄ~Äò®È¦æ,¦Ó§Ú©O,¤]·|§V¤O©ñ±ó¤u§@,¥H§¹¦¨§Ú®È¦æªº¹Ú·Q!"

Monday, March 3, 2003 at 15:09:59

ªL ¥J (Johnson Lam) "Á¦ §B §B ¡M §Ú ¤w ¸g ¥[ ¥ª hyperlink ¡M ½Ð Ú» ¤U "ª÷ ­è ­¸ ¤Ñ Æp" ¡M ¦h Á !"

¤@¯ë³o¸Ì¤£©ñ¼s§i, ¦ý¬Oªñ¨Ó¥h§Aªººô¯¸¤U¸ü¤F¼s§iRM, ´N©ñ§A¤@°¨.
Monday, March 3, 2003 at 13:12:50

Bunny "i hate ur website u ccan't listen 2 it it suck"

¤H¥J²Ó²Ó, ­Ó¤fËÝÄê?
Sunday, March 2, 2003 at 08:15:14

¦w¦w "download ­ø­Ë¥iºq¤F@@"

Saturday, March 1, 2003 at 22:36:09

Panda "½Ð°Ý§A®È¦æ¦h­ø¦h¾÷·|¥Îpacsafe¬[ ¦n¶Q «Y­ø«Y¤@©w­n¶R©O¡H ¦³µL¨ä¥L¥N´À«~¡H ¥Î±K½Xlockªº¦æ¤s¦©¥i¥H¶Ü¡H"

§Ú¦Û¤vı±o³o­ÓªF¦è«Ü¦n¥Î, ¦ý¦pªG§Aı±o¶Q, ¤£¶R¤]¤£¬O¤j°ÝÃD. §Ú®È¹C®É, «Ü¤Ö¬Ý¨ì¦³¤H¥ÎPACSAFE, ¦ý¦b¦L«×©M¤Ú°ò´µ©Zªº¤@¨Ç®ÈÀ], ¦³³o­ÓªF¦è, ¨Ï§Ú¦w¤ß±o¦h!
Saturday, March 1, 2003 at 21:38:45

Sam Lam "Hard to know that you still in your trip. Hope that you will be happy and enjoy your life. Long time didn't see pazu wed site. Good health. Sam Lam"

Friday, February 28, 2003 at 20:11:43

§Ö乐·¡¤I "¶Ù¡A还¦b丽¦¿吗¡H§Ú¤T¤ëªì¤]­n¨ì丽¦¿¡A¤£过¥ý¨«¤¸谋¥h¤gªL¡AµM¦Z¦A¨ì丽¦¿来¤p¥ð¤@阵¡C¨ì时§A还¦b吗¡H 对¤F¡A还记±o§Ú吗¡H§Ú¬O¦b©Ô萨时¡C¡C¡C§A¸ò踪ªº¤H¡C¡G¡^¨þ¨þ "

§Ú§¤¦bÄR¦¿´X­Ó¤ë, §A¤S¨Ó¸òÂܧڰÚ?
Tuesday, February 25, 2003 at 22:14:53

T.H. "ÁÂÁ§Aªº¦^ÂÐ!¦b§Ú¹wºâªº¦æµ{¤¤,©Î·|¨ì¤¤¨l,¦ý§Aı±o¤¤¨l¬O§_¦p®Ñ¥»©ÒÁ¿­È±o¤@¹C?ÄR¦¿¤S¬O§_¦³¥æ³q¤u¨ã¥iª½¨ì¤¤¨l?»Ý®É¦h¤[?"

¦pªG§A¨S¦³¥h¹L¤¤¨l, §Úı±o¤]ºâ¬O­È±o¤@¥h. ÄR¦¿¦³¤½¨®¨ì¤¤¨l, ²{¦b¤£ª¾²¼»ù¦p¦ó¤F.
Monday, February 24, 2003 at 23:31:47

David "Great pics! I hope to travel Western China as well still."

Monday, February 24, 2003 at 01:30:01

T.H. "§Ú¤U¬P´Á·|¨ì¶³«n®È¦æ,¹w­p·|¦bÄR¦¿³r¯d¤T¤Ñ¡A¨º¸Ì²{¦bªº¤Ñ®ð«ç¼Ë?¦³¤°»ò¦nªº¦í±J¦a¤è?"

³o¸Ì¤Ñ®ð¤£¿ù, ¤U«B¤]¤£¦h, ±ß¤W¦³ÂI§N, ¦Û¤v¦h±a¦çªA. ¦í±J¥i¦Ò¼{¥¬©Ô®æ©@°ØÀ](Y15), «C¦~®ÈÀ](Y15)µ¥, §Ú¦í¦b¥¬©Ô®æ, ¦b¥j«°¥|¤èµó, ¥j«°¶l§½, MAMAFUÀ\À]ªº¹ï­±.
Sunday, February 23, 2003 at 23:03:03

charles "±q§Aªº¹C°O¤¤, ±oª¾§A³£¬Ý¹L¤£¤Ö®Ñ, §A·|¤£·|±N¤@¨Ç¤¶²Ðµ¹ºô¤Í. ¨Ñ§Ú­Ì¥Xªù®É¤@¨Çbefore bed reading. "

¨ä¹ê¥Î¤£µÛ, ¥h¨ì¤@­Ó¦a¤è, ¦ÛµMª¾¹D¦³¬Æ»ò®Ñ­n¬Ý.
Sunday, February 23, 2003 at 14:51:48

¸ô¤H¤þ "¬Ý¤F§Aªººô­¶¤w¦³®t¤£¦h¤T¦~¦h¦~¡A¯u¸r¼}§A¥i¥H抛¶}­»´äªº¤@¤Á¡A®È¦æ¤F¨º»ò¤[¡I§A¬O§_·|¥H®È¦æ§@¬°§A²×¨­¥ô°È©O¡H¥ç·Q¤£¨ì¤@­Ó¦b­¸¾÷¤Wª±±Ï¥Í¦çªº¤H¡A­ì¨Ó¬O¤@­Ó¥@¥~°ª¤H¡I"

Thursday, February 20, 2003 at 23:29:52

fish "­è­è¬Ý§¹§A³Ì·s¤@§å¶³«n¬Û, ¤Ñ®ð¦n¦n, ¬Û¬Ý±o«ÜµÎªA, ¤£¹LÁÙ¬O«Ü¤[¤§«e¨º§å¸û¦n¡C³Þ, §Ú²×©ó¨£¨ì§A®È¦æªº¼Ë¤l(°¼­±)°Õ, §A¨º¦Ç¦âªº¬O¤£¬O¦L«×ªø­m? ¬Ý¨Ó®¼¯S§O, §A¶R¤F¦h¤Ö¿ú? §A¨º­Óvisor & stowaway ¬O¤°»ò? ¦ü¥G«Ü²Ó«Ü¦³¥Î,¬O¶Ü?§A²{¦b¦£µÛ¥[·s¹C°O¶Ü? §A¥´ºâ®t¤£¦h§¹¦¨¦n¤~¦^­»´ä¶Ü? ÁÙ¬O........§A¤w¸g¦bÄR¦¿µ²¤F±B,¦¨¤F®a«Ç? :P bye."

VISOR¬OPALMªº¤@ºØ, ¥i¥H¥h HANDSPRING.COM¬Ý¬Ý. ªG¥ó­ø«Y¦L«×ªø­m, «Y§Ú¦b¤Ú°ò´µ©Z¶Rªº, ªü´I¦½¤H¦P¤Ú°ò´µ©Z¤H·í°êªAËݵÛ, ¥sSHALWAR-KAMEEZ, §Ú¥Î¥ªHK$5¶R©Q... ¦³¤W¤U¨â¥ó...
Thursday, February 20, 2003 at 01:15:25

­è¥h§¹ÄR¦¿ªºann "¬Ý§A¦bÄR¦¿¬Û¤ù®É,¬Ý¨ì¤@­Ó«O®a½Ã°êªº¹ïÁp,§Ú¤]´¿©ç¤F¤@±i,¬G«Ü¦³¦@»ï"

Wednesday, February 19, 2003 at 10:21:12

YEN "¢¸¢¶¦~®É§Ú­è¥Î¢´¢µ¢Ù¤Wºô¡A¤w¸g¤W¨Ó³o¸Ì«Ü¦h¦¸¤F¡]¦]¬°­nݯ¬ü¤Ö¤k¾Ô¤hªººq¡^¡D¦P¦~¬J¢°¢±¤ë¡A§Ú¬Ý¤F¤T¤òªº¼»«¢©Ôªº¬G¨Æ¡A¤ß¤¤·t·Q¤@©w­n§¹¦¨§Ú¬y®öªº®È¦æ¥Í²P¡A³o¬O§Úªº¹Ú·Q¡D´X¦~«á¡Aµo²{¤F«Ü¦h½g»Õ¤Uªº¹C°O¡A¤ß¤¤¦³¤@ºØµ¹§O¤H·m¥ý¤@¨Bªº·Pı¡A¤£¹L§Ú¤£¬O¼¨§A¡A¥u¤£¹L¬O«Ü¸r¼}§A¡D¥H¤U¡A¦³¨Ç°ÝÃD·Q°Ý§A¡Gª½¨ì²{¦b¡A§A¤@¦@ªá¤F¦h¤Ö®È¶O¡H°£¤F¦b¼Ú¬w¡A§A¦³¨S¦³³Q¤H·m§T¡H¦b¬Y¨Ç¸¨«áªº国®a¡A¨S¦³Âd­û¾÷¡A§A«ç¥h®³¿ú©O¡H¨­¤W¦³¨º»ò¦h¿ú¡A§A¤£©È­Ú¤H·m§T¶Ü¡H"

¦Û¤v¤p¤ßD °Õ, ¨ä¹ê§Ú³£³Q¤H°½¹L¿ú, ¦ý«Y³£­øºâ¦nÄY­«. ¦Ü©ó¶Ç»¡¤¤¦n¾p¦n¥Î¦n¦w¥þªº®È¹C¤ä²¼, «h¹ê«h¬O³Â·ÐÃø³»­ÝÉN¥Îªº.
Monday, February 17, 2003 at 15:17:31

Liu Yuan "you are in Lijiang.Do u plan to Sichuan again,or have other new plans?If u come to Chengdu, remember to touch me,I'll very glad to have dinner with you ,haha~~"

Monday, February 17, 2003 at 10:25:22

charles "I've read a book called The Alchemist by Paulo Coelho. That book says a boy experiencing a long journey through a desert for a treasure. I found that book may reflect your journey. Did you read that book? And Have you found your treasure?¤¤¤åª©¹³¥s°µªª¦Ï¤H©_¤Û¾ú°O. "

§Ú«Ü³ßÅw³o¥»®Ñ, ³Ì³ßÅwªª¤HSantiago¬O¦]¬°³Q°½¤F¿ú¤~¯à¦³³o¼Ëºë±mªº®Èµ{; ¥ç³ßÅw°ê¤ý(Áåª÷®v)©Ò»¡ªº¨º¥y: "When you want something, the whole world conspires in helping you to achieve it." (¥þ¥@¬É»ô¤ß¨ó¤O, §U§A¤ß·Q¨Æ¦¨!)
Sunday, February 16, 2003 at 01:41:39

nat "Just finished reading your latest travelogues.. The accident was kinda scary. So u ok now? Many of us are "3 dunno 7" with u, yet u've been kind of like a friend to us as we've known part of u thru ur writing. Although "silly ppl have silly fok", just be careful & sensitive like you used to have. At the beginning of reading your writing, I could remember those places and persons that were mentioned. After a period of time, I started confusing. Frankly, now I think I totally mix up la. I can have a map on my hand but it's just hardly in my mind. Right now I read ur travelogues as a habit and ...undoubtedly.....8! sooo bad, huh? hahaa"

¦³®É§Ú¤]¾á¤ß, ´£³o»ò¦h¦W¦r, ½Ö·|°O±o¦í? ¦ý¤£´£, ¤S¤£¤Ó¦n...
Saturday, February 15, 2003 at 15:57:02

KIKI "GOOD!!!!!!"

Friday, February 14, 2003 at 19:06:03

joey "§Ú¥u¬O·Q­n¤@啲ݯ­ø¨ì¬J¨àºq啫,¦]¬°嗰®É§ÚŪºò®Ñ,¨S¦³®É¶¡¥ç¨S¦³ª÷¿ú¥hÁʶRcdªºÃö«Y,©Ò¥H²{¦b«Ü·Q§ä¨ì§ÚŪ®Ñ®Éªº¨àºq,­ø¸Ó!!!"

Thursday, February 13, 2003 at 14:28:04

sky "ÂI¸Ñd¨àºqÂ\0«Y­Óºô«×¦ý«Ydownload ­ø­Ëgar??¦n·Q­n'µ£¯u¹Ú'©O­ººqar!!!"

Wednesday, February 12