Paw's video

[Bangkok, Thailand] Paw was still at the hospital and Pazu had just edited a video of Paw (2.68MB). The file is in MP4 format, a highly compressed video with good quality. If you can't see the file from your Windows Media Player, it means that you have to download the new plugins. You can also play this video in iPod Video, PSP, Palm (using TCPMP Player) or PPC.


Paw was sent to hospital

[Bangkok, Thailand] When Pazu was robbed on 20 Feb, he saw some of the friends of Oat in the Vajira Rescue Team at the police station, but Pazu knew none of them. It was strange that Paw, one of the best friends of Oat, wasn't on duty so Pazu asked, "Where's Paw?" Paw was the guy who had a big metallic box full of first-aid equipment mounted on the pannier rack .

A team member said, "He had an accident and the leg was broken."

Oh yes, Oat told Pazu some days ago that Paw was hit by a lorry (or vice versa), and Paw's bicycle's leg (the gear) was broken. Thinking they were referring to the same accident, Pazu didn't ask for more information.

Then Oat arrived at the police station after an hour, he told Pazu that Paw had yet another new accident. This time, unfortunately, his leg was broken. He was sent to the, well... of course, Vajira Hospital. It turned out that a bus probably had its oil tank punctured, leaving the street with a thin layer of gasoline, Paw was riding on his bike at high speed, then he slipped and fell down, the metallic box (about 50 kg) broke his leg.

This photo was taken a few days ago before the accident. You can see the Paw's odd bicycle.

Paw stayed in the Vajira Hospital, his father was there to look after him, and hu-la-la, seemingly Paw was quite popular amongst girls too.
(PS: "Paw" was pronounced as "Bpaao", not "Por". If you call him "Por", it's like you're calling him "father".)


Almost robbed 泰賊見色起心, 薯伯險遭蹂躝

[Bangkok, Thailand] Pazu was walking on the Samsen Street and using his handy, two guys suddenly attacked Pazu from the back, trying to take his mobile phone (Treo 650). The street was quiet, Pazu knew there was a gasoline station 50m in front, knowing that this was the only way to get help, he utitlized every ounce of his energy to run.

But the thieves had friends, 3 other robbers came by scooter, they punched Pazu in the face, Pazu was pushed down on the ground, but once again he tried to stand up again to his utmost, kept running and shouted for help at last.

Ten meters away from the gasoline station, some people were curious to come and see what happened, the robbers fled away.

Nothing was lost, except that Pazu was in quite an awkward predicament for his shirt was torn apart, some people came and asked if Pazu wanted to report this to police or go to hospital. Pazu said no, reckoning it would be of no help. But a police riding on a motorbike just stopped by and he suggested Pazu should go with him to the police station near Khao San Road.

A beautiful girl was waiting in the station too, she looked sexy but Pazu found her strange, girls in Thailand never dressed this way, so little clothes with a big opening in front of her breasts. Everybody just stopped and stared at her, then she said, "We'd better wait outside." In a man voice.

After waiting for an hour, it was finally Pazu's turn to report the case, the police asked Pazu's name, address, age, etc. Pazu asked, "But do you also want my passport number?"

"Oh this is good!" The police answered affirmatively.

Oat spent 40 minutes to ride from his home to the police station, and he helped Pazu to clean the wound. It was a tiring night, it was nice to be able to get some sleep at last.

His shirt was torn apart. Pazu looked quite sexy, didn't he?

This is the police station.

This is the street where Pazu was almost robbed. The brighter side of the right hand side was the gasoline station.

中文標題由dc423網友建議, 謹此……致謝!


French president's "historic visit"

[Bangkok, Thailand] French president Jacques Chirac made an official visit to two countries in Asia, first stopped in Thailand (the other country is India, why not Vietnam?). The Nation (newspaper) said the visit was "historic" because it was the first time a French president visited Thailand during the past 150 years of diplomatic relationship, but Oat didn't care much.

HM the King even welcomed Mr Chirac at the airport, quite an honour it must be, and a rare reception. Outside the parliament they put up the photos of Mr and Mrs Chirac, decorated with Thai ornaments.

French and Thai flags are another fraternal twins.

So many students were at the Parliament, not to welcome the President, it was just a graduation ceremony.

The graduation ceremony was more like a carnival.

The best place to pray...

[Bangkok, Thailand] This is Luang Po Tho, near the Rama VIII Bridge.

Are there any other better places to broadcast your ideas to the Holy Buddha by setting up some speakers next to His ears?


The Fashion Mall

[Bangkok, Thailand] This is the Fashion Mall near the World Trade Center, the CBD of Bangkok, one of the most expensive areas in Thailand. But the Fashion Mall itself was quite unattractive, selling some "low-so" (Thai English meaning "low society") clothes and so on, "fashion" is just a name.


Southern Thai food

[Bangkok, Thailand] We visited to restaurant quite frequently (a few times a week because it was quite near to our home).

This is what they offer, mostly curry, and very spicy even in Thai style, because...

Because they are from the restive south, the food there are much hotter than the central part. The second sentence of the Thai words is "roi jang hu", a southern Thai dialect which means "very delicious". In Bangkok, people would say it as "Aroi maak".

What was she doing?

She found out our hidden camera.


French legacy

[HCMC, Vietnam] Amid the chaotic city of Saigon, some streets are wide and long, with greenish plants blooming like Singapore, it's not to difficult to imagine this is a part of the French legacy, rather than a good city planning of the present ruling party.

Trung Nguyen Vietnamese coffee

[HCMC, Vietnam] One thing that Pazu always found it quite addicted was the Vietnamese coffee, every time he came back to Vietnam, he bought a few kgs of coffees as souvenior and personal use. The biggest coffee company (not to say it's necessarily the "best") is Trung Nguyen, they have their own coffee plantation field in Buon Me Thuot (a high-land near the central part of Vietnam).

They have lots of branches all across in Vietnam, one shop is at: 01 Tran Hung Dao, Quan 1, TP Ho Chi Minh. (Email: trungnguyennt@hcm.vnn.vn

Nobody said businessmen are all honest, but Vietnamese dealers are reputatedly worse than that. But no problem in Trung Nguyen, they have the price written on display. Cafe chon is the most expensive coffee type (22,000 dong, US$1.38/500kg), someone told Pazu that they first feed a weasel some coffee beans, extract and bake the beans from its shit. Believe it or not, it has a strong taste that you would love it!

Grounding the coffee beans.

This is the machine used to ground coffee beans... (because Pazu couldn't think of anything more interesting to write, sorry!)

Oh and that's it.


They're all my sisters...

[My Tho, Vietnam]
Some more old pictures. They're all Pazu's sisters.

Some old photos

[My Tho, Vietnam] 堂弟租兒帶了一部掃瞄器來,我們在爺爺家找出很多舊照片重新整理。照片:爺爺去飲喜酒,右邊第二位人物,看起來好像……Joey brought a scanner to grandpa's home, so we took some old photos and scanned them, some were so old that we had never seen before. Photo: Grandpa went to a wedding ceremony of the son of grand-uncle Yik Yuan (never met him before). (PS: The second guy from the right looked a bit familiar too.)

薯伯伯的姐姐曾經是如此可愛,但現在已變了。 This is Pazu's sister, she used to be very cute, now different.


Going back to Canada

[My Tho, Vietnam] 堂弟租兒坐飛機回去加拿大(在新加坡轉機,要等二十二小時),薯伯伯和倫哥倍他去機場。薯伯伯本來想去申請泰國旅客簽證,但領事館休息,今天原來是星期六。昨天跟租兒聊天至淩晨一時半,今早又六點起床,坐了這麼長途車,薯伯伯只感頭痛,吃了兩顆撲熱息痛。 Joey went back to Canada (transit in Singapore for 22 hours). Pazu accompanied him (and Anh Luan) to the airport. Pazu also wanted to go and apply for the Thai tourist visa but the embassy was closed (on Saturday). Pazu chatted with Joey last night until 1:30am and woke up at 6am this morning, after a long journey he got a headache and took some paracetomol. PS: And Joey took the key to the hotel's room, "Hey I just noticed - I still have the key to the hotel. (just in case you are looking for it). However I did not MISTAKENLY take it, I purposely took it to develop your patients (patience)...", he said. My good boy, this is his way! :P

而這一張照片是薯伯伯的相機(Canon IXUS400,姐姐的舊相機)最後一張相,回去美萩市途中,薯伯伯想再拍照,居然又再出現那詭異的E18訊號。如果你記得的話,薯伯伯另一部Canon相機也曾有這故障訊號。薯伯伯曾經是那麼信任這家公司,現在所有信任,在幾個月內都一下子崩潰了。 And this photo was the last photograph of Pazu's digital camera (Canon IXUS400, actually an old camera from sister), on the way back to My Tho, Pazu wanted to use his camera and surprisingly, the same error code E18 appeared again! Check previous article and you'll see this error code happened on another Canon camera of Pazu too. Pazu used to trust Canon a lot, and his family bought 3 digital cameras from this company, but now it seemed like Pazu was betrayed, so bye bye Canon Co, you're out-casted already.

堂弟租兒走前向爺爺道別,爺說:「我只希望能再見你一面。」Joey saying goodbye to grandpa in the morning, grandpa said, "I only wish you can still come back and see me one more time."


My Tho 4

[My Tho, Vietnam] 他們很重視家庭觀念,連喝咖啡也要在墓地旁。 They must have a very strong sense of family hierachy system, that's why they prefer to drink coffee next to a tomb.

他到底是誰呢?兩年以來,他每天也睡在這裡,過節時又不回家,可能已經家破人亡。 I never know why, he slept there almost every night for the past two years (at least), he didn't go back home during the new year, he didn't have family, he didn't have a home.

又一宗意外,像一幅兒童畫。 Another accident, like a painting... done by kid.


Going back to HK

[My Tho, Vietnam] 薯伯伯家人回去香港,在爺家弄了一餐特色火鍋,其實也沒有甚麼特別,我們連續吃了這麼多天,已經沒有甚麼胃口。 Pazu's family is going back to Hong Kong, so there was a special hotpot lunch for them. Nothing really special indeed and most of us didn't have any apetite after so many days of eating marathon.

在胡志明市郊也有一家BIG C超市。 There was a Big C in Saigon too.

超市內好像監倉,保安和欄閘四處見!因為越南人認為你,或是顧客,或是小偷。那他們為甚麼要開超市呢? It's like a prison inside, fences and security forces at all place. Every person can be a customer, OR a thief, no wonder why they have to be so cautious! I wonder why they opened a supermarket at the first place.

BIG C超市的膠袋,這家超市在泰國隨處可見,所以也多拍一些照片。 The bag of Big C supermarket, which is also a big supermarket chain in Thailand.

洗衣粉送汽水,真是絕頂配搭。 Washing powder and a free bottle of soft drink, a perfect combination.

每當堂弟租兒看到薯伯伯的姐姐,就忍不住要節磨一下她。 Only the one who deserved to be tortured, would be tortured! (The girl in red shirt is Pazu's sister, she kidnapped Bobo back to Hong Kong.)


My Tho 3

[My Tho, Vietnam] 爺爺跟煲煲玩。 Grandpa playing with Bobo.

租兒跟煲煲的僕人(即薯伯伯的姐姐)玩。背景是湄公咖啡室,我們差不多每天也去吃早餐。Joey playing with the servant of Bobo (ie. Pazu's sister). The cafe behind was Cafe Mekong, we went there quite often. And Joey PK-ed outside one night.

尋找外星人。 Searching for ET...

悉尼歌劇院前拍照(在越村餐廳外)。 Taking in front of the Sydney Opera House. (Lang Viet Restaurant)

悉尼歌劇院是用啤酒蓋搭建。 And the Opera House was built by... beer bottle caps!