Mass attack on this website

Recently I came across this funny add-on on a website, MASS ATTACK on Kong junior's site. Click here and you'll understand what I mean.


Zane Barney

[Bangkok, Thailand] We had a surprise today! Pazu wanted to see the Chronicle of Narnia with Oat at MBK's SF Cinema City but it would be shown only tomorrow, so we went back to the car park and got our bicycles. We spotted a professional bicycle which was the first time we saw it. One of the (bad or good) habits of cyclists is to examine others' bikes, Oat said, "Oh this is XTR, this is this and that, etc..." Suddenly the owner appeared, the first thing he said was, "Hey, are you... Pazu?!"

He's is Zane Barney from New Zealand, Pazu met him on an internet forum. Last year Pazu asked on the dicussion group as to what model of bike he should buy in Bangkok, he received a private message from Zane. Zane said he was in Bangkok and so they met each other.

There were a few things that Pazu did because of Zane's advice.

  1. Bought his bicycle at Cycle Sports, Bangkok.
  2. Use Nellie's maps, which were really good.
  3. Bought a BOB Trailer because Zane said it was easy to control.
  4. Stayed at the Youth Hostel (Si Ayutthaya Road, Bangkok) but it was just okay.

Zane said he's going back to Australia very soon, it would be exciting. Take care!


Siam Ocean (video)

[Bangkok, Thailand)] Pazu's third maternal uncle went back to Hong Kong today so Pazu finally managed some time to edit the videos taken in the Siam Ocean World. Have a look here, Windows Media Player can play mp4 format, but you may have to download the necessary codecs first.


Siam Ocean

[Bangkok, Thailand)] There's an aquarium under the newly opened Siam Paragon Center, the Siam Ocean World, as they claimed, is the biggest of its kind in SE Asia. With 30,000 marine animals of 400 species, seals, sharks, stingrays, leafly sea dragons, giant spider crabs etc, all you have to pay is 450 baht (US$11.25). Not dear, but well, the Ocean Park (US$21) in Hong Kong seems to have a better value. At least you get unlimited rides of roller coaster too.

Put your head inside the aquarium.

The SOW run regular lectures about the life undersea, she's a demonstrator, she asked about Kong junior and his website, so we took a pic of her and put it here in case she visits our website. She said, "As you can see the water here is a bit dirty... we're actually just doing exactly like the real nature. "

Thailand is a Buddhist country so Xmas is either nothing or heavily commercialized. Santa Claus carrying a credit card, would be a nice idea.

Standing in front of the xmas lightings, shaped like an... well... elephant. (Do you spot the trunk?)


Go Kart

[Bangkok, Thailand)] Pazu's third maternal uncle (English is clumsier than Chinese when it comes to addressing familly terms) dicovered just two days ago he had enough holiday, he booked a sudden tour package and came to Bangkok for Xmas. He said, "Oh do you know there's a very good Japanese restaurant in RCA Plaza?" And Pazu thought it would be quite a special treat so he asked Oat to go together. And to our surprise it was Fuji, a chain restaurant that you can actually found everywhere in Bangkok.

But we did do something special in RCA, the Go Kart racing, 395baht for five minutes per person, first time play for Pazu and Oat. Oat got the first runner-up and he just kept saying, "Oh I'm not the champion? I don't see anybody faster than me!"

We are not going to the surgery room, it's just to keep the helmet clean.

And haha, funny helmet! The lady at the reception saw Oat's cycling helmet and asked, "Is it more sanook (fun) to play Go Kart than bicycle?" Pazu said, "Yes, but it's more dangerous too!"


Maggie has her style

[Bangkok, Thailand] Maggie was a high school classmate of Pazu and she came to Bangkok alone to "take a leisure trip in order to ease her stress". Pazu suggested her to go to the floating market or Kanchanaburi, Maggie said, "I don't give a shxt." Pazu thought Maggie must be those typical Hong Kong girls who come to Bangkok for shopping only, but to his surprise. Maggie said, "I want to go and see the dead corpse in Museum Siriraj."

So we went to the musuem (which is located inside Siriraj Hospital) on the Thonburi side, On display are dead babies, deformed twins, bodies of liver-eater (the notorious Chinese guy who ate children's livers)... why did Maggie want to see these stuff? Definitely she has her own style.

She bought Pazu a Xmas gift, Jack the Santa Claus from Nightmare after Xmas (Disney). So as a gratitude Pazu bought her back three condoms doll...

This is a family photo of everybody.


King Kong

[Bangkok, Thailand] Pazu was quite a big fan of Peter Jackson's LOTR so he was eager to see the remake of King Kong. The disappointing start around the world didn't bother Pazu at all, this movie lived up to and actually extended beyond Pazu's expectation. The story may be outdated (that an ape was tamed and then killed by the "beauty") but it's a remake and nobody should expect Peter Jackson to rewrite the whole story.

Pazu went to see King Kong with Oat, and wasn't it a nice idea to take a pic with Kong junior with the poster of King Kong? Oat didn't think so and the law-abiding citizen kept saying, "Hey, no photo here, be quick!" So his face didn't look very pleasant.

So Pazu just took another pic.


Torture of Kong jr

[Bangkok, Thailand] As I've told you guys many times, one of the way Ah Chin (and her sister Ah Ling) to ease their bad mood was to torture Kong junior. A day after the trip to Ko Kret Island, Ah Chin kidnapped Kong junior again, Pazu protested but to no avail, Ah Chin just said, "I need to take it for two days!" (It's a command rather than a reqest!).

She took yet another bus trip with Aunty Hsiu Ying to Kanachaburi (one day) and a floating market (the second day), they probably visited an elephant or a crocodile farm...

A swamp.

Temptation for a crocodile.

Ah Chin showed me this photo and said casually, "Oh you know I tried to put Kong junior near the elephant trunk and the elephant thought it was a banana and tried to seize Kong junior, but I was quick to take it away!" Pazu didn't want to hear more....


Ah Chin as a nanny

[Bangkok, Thailand] Ah Chin came back to Bangkok but perhaps to her surprise, she was not alone. She came with her sister's friend, a 50-year-old aunt who speaks no English, no Thai. So Ah Chin got another unpaid job as a tour guide, translator, and not to miss it, a nanny. It must be quite a challenge to Ah Chin's temper. (Anyway, "Chin" means calm in Chinese... :P)

To ease Ah Chin's temper, she tortured Kong junior again! We went together to an island near Bangkok, Ko Kret, which is only a day trip. We took a bus to the Victory Monument, then yet another bus to a pier, and it's Ko Kret there. Honestly the trip wasn't really so appealing but we would have nothing to show Aunty Hsiu Ying if we didn't go there. There's a restaurant on the river side of Mekong, they put ice into rice, which was quite an innovation (?).

Pazu met Aunty Hsiu Ying three times only, but Ah Chin accompanied her 24 hours a day, for a continuous of about a week. Aunty Hsiu Ying liked to joke, "You can go wherever you like, do whatever you do, but don't leave me alone!" Ah Chin must be exhausted. This photo was taken on the last day of Aunty Hsiu Ying's final trip to Big C (supermarket), we found a copy version of Kong junior so we took a pic too. To be frankly, Pazu found Aunty HY quite a nice guy to be hanged around, she laughed a lot, she loved singing hymns (a Christian), she loved jokes, she had quite an easy mind, and she always followed Pazu's instruction to pose for photos (when AC just ignored it)... but... it does't mean that I would love to hang around with somebody 24 hours a day for continuous time of a week! But again, Ah Chin's training of her temper was already finished, at least for a short moment.


Grand opening of Siam Paragon

[Bangkok, Thailand] There's a new shopping complex (not just a mall) in Bangkok, the Siam Paragon, located at one of the busiest district in Bangkok, just right in front of the Siam Square. They opened on 9 Dec 2005, the ninth is "gao" (and thus "gao kuuen" in Thai), which has an aupicious meaning of going up. The shopping complex was grandly opened on this day but it doesn't mean everything was well-prepared.

Pazu's brother came to Thailand from Hong Kong too, so we went together (amid a huge crowd of people) to the mall, many shops weren't opened yet, some constructions were still under way. Four days after the grand opening, a lift fell and a young girl was injured (the management agreed to pay the girl's hospital fee, perhaps a thousand baht only?).

The slogan of Siam Paragon is: The pride of Bangkok. Well... perhaps.

[photo] The huge crowd gathered to see a party organized by A|X, some said that the princess or prince was coming. This happened just right under the exit of an escalator, so it was lucky that nobody was injured.

Oat posed in front of a Christmas tree, a friend (who's in Canada, I mean "Kitty" in case you're reading it now) asked me if Thai celebrate Xmas, yes they do but in a Buddhist country (Buddhism is the state religion) Xmas is a commercial drama rather than a religious celebration.

This is Pazu's brother he made a very short trip to Thailand only. Pazu hadn't met him for a year and he couldn't help but say, "You should do more exercise!"


Loy Kratong photos

There were some photos from the Loy Kratong festival. The photo quality was pretty bad because Pazu's camera was broken just one day before this festival (16 November 2005) and he borrowed Oat's camera which has very bad reception at low light condition. Oat's camera, however, was lost (by himself) just a few days ago at the Klong Thong Market, near Yaowarat Chinatown. Oat took it quite easy and said, "Oh, I couldn't find my camera so I sleep." Mai-bpen-rai, perhaps it's actually a virtue... hmmm.

The photo on the right was taken in a restaurant where Pazu and Oat frequently ate there, they sell southern Thai food, most are very spicy curry.

During the Loy Kratong day, people put a lamp (kratong) on the Chao Praya River and made a wish, pay respect to the spirits etc. These are the new "bread kratong" which was promoted by the government, they can be used to feed the fish.

A man helping a lady to put the lamp on the river, it's quite hard actually, lucky that nobody fell into the river, it's highly contaminated with E. Coli.

Light a lamp, near Pra Atit (meaning Sun) Road.

Fighting did occur at this auspicious festival, Oat was holding the torch (flashlight), and Paw was the guy on Oat's left-hand side. I haven't met the lady before.

CLICK HERE IF YOU WANT TO SEE, BUT BE WARNED FIRST, this is what happened to the guy. Somebody cut his head open and I think you can see his brain... (Bangkok, Thailand)

Pork Cutlet and Jordy

Jordy, a friend whom we met in Pakistan in 2003 came to Thailand again, in this trip he went from Hong Kong to Sichuan, Tibet, Nepal, Thailand, Malaysia and back to Thailand, so we met again in Bangkok. Because he didn't have a bicycle and it was a bit hard to go too far (because the bus system was suck and we didn't want to waste money for taxi), so we went to this Fort Sumen near the Pra Atit Road, Banglumpoo, quite near to his guesthouse.

Then Oat finished work quite early today so we had dinner at a Japanese restaurant (Samsen Street). When Oat first met Jordy, he said Jordy looked like Thai, and indeed wherever Jordy went, people said he looked like a local: Tibetan, Malaysian, Nepali, Thai... perhaps it could be an advantage.

And Pazu had a pork cutlet (80 baht). (Bangkok, Thailand)


Chicken Little and Dim Sum

Do you know a movie named Chicken Little? I definitely have no idea as to what it's about, it's probably an animation for the Xmas holiday. We went to see the movie at MBK with Oat. And we went to a Dim Sum fast food shop named Chokdee (Good Luck) at Chula, everything was 15 baht there (except the bak kuh te soup). Pazu was home-sicked at all but it would still be nice to have some food from Hong Kong.

Oat ate a lot.

Perhaps he didn't really enjoy it. (Bangkok, Thailand)


King's Birthday

Today is one of the biggest festival day for Thai people, it's the birthday of King Bhumibol Adulyadej, the ninth king of the Chakri Dynasty, the longest-reigning monarch in the world and still much revered and respected by many Thais. If you are interested in the recent political events in Thailand, you know the Prime Minister Thaksin Shinawatra was at a war with a media tycoon Mr Sondhi, the PM launched several lawsuits against Mr Sondhi and asked for a compensation of some 2 billion baht. The conflict was so deep that some think it may even hurt the national unity. All Thai people know that nobody could solve the problem except one person, the King himself. The King delivered a speech on the eve of his birthday, wittingly saying that he was a king but he could stil do wrong, if some body said that he could do no wrong, then it would be an insult to the king because it meant that the king was not a human being. On the next day, the PM was said to be proposing to drop all the lawsuits as soon as possible. The conflicts were still there, but nobody dared to violate the king's wishes, at least in their actions.

Okay, back to the celebration of the King's Birthday, Thai people chose it as the Fathers' Day to honour the King too. The banner in the picture meant Long Live the King (Song Pra Charoen). Yellow is the color of the King, people are encourged (by both the PM and the media tycoon) to dress in yellow to pay respect to the King, but traditionally people wear yellow on this day so people here may have nothing to do with the recent political conflict at all.

A large portrait of the King.

Shy of camera.

Her sister was more suspicious than the girl in front.

There was a parade by soldiers, students, nurse, people from all walks of life.

They like Kong junior.

Are they boys or girls?

These two boys stole the caps from his father.

Oat thought he was a magician. (Bangkok, Thailand)


This is Catherine from Australia, she used to teach English in Dongbei of China and moved to Ayutthaya of Thailand a few months ago and decided to teach English for some time. But out of surprise Pazu got her sudden notice that she was going back to Sydney soon... things changed people changed, and I hope you the best. (Bangkok, Thailand)


Sore throat and upset stomach

Pazu ate two pancakes just a few days ago and he developed a sore throat because of the high oil level. In Chinese we called it "hot air" (reqi), don't know if westerners have this concept or what. And from previous experience when Pazu felt a sore throat, a very serious coughing would probably be coming, so he took some coughing syrup as a precaution and he felt sleepy. He woke up in the evening and took some more syrup, haven't eaten anything for 12 hours already, dextromethorphan hydrobromide, an active ingredient in the coughing syrup probably upset his stomach. But Pazu's brother called him this time and said he arrived in Bangkok so they went other together with Oat to the Chinatown to have some seafood, sharkfin and bird's nest, all are bad for an already upset stomach. Pazu was so painful that he almost couldn't sleep for two nights, the third day he wanted to go and see a doctor, but his stomach was recovered.

After the dinner when Pazu was still okay to have a walk at the Thief Market (Klong Thong Market), Oat bought Kong junior a new shirt, for 40B. Oat was a bit shy of camera. (Bangkok, Thailand)