Why are they all black?

If you have a chance to go to any cycling equipment shops, you'll notice all those tight and sexy-looking cycling shorts have one thing in common, they're all black. Now the question is, why are they all black?

Miss Oil of the Thailand Cycling Club gave me a very good answer:

Click here to enlarge in case you can't see the reason. [ENLARGE]. Pazu just wondered if these five guys knew it or not.

How to update your blog on the road

A few people emailed and asked me the same question that how I update this blog on the road so here're some details.

There're several ways to do it but first of all you need to have a PDA or cell phone plus a good GPRS connection. Most phone/PDA can handle GPRS now and in case you haven't heard of GPRS before, GPRS lets you access the internet with a GSM network.

I use Treo 650 now and in Thailand I use AIS as my GSM server carrier, they offer cheap GPRS service, 100Baht (HK$20 or US$2.5) for 20 hours each month. In some other countries you can even access the GPRS at a cheaper price: China - Y200 (US$24 monthly unlimited access); Hong Kong - HK$138 (US$17.5 monthly unlimited).

Then you'll need some softwares. If you can only send out emails by your mobile gadget, the only way to update the blogs on the road is to use the email-to-blog function of Blogger.com. It's enough for most people indeed and it's really simple, just send an email, and it will be posted on your blog. [Related link: How do I post via email?]

If you can only access webpages from your mobile gadget, try Avantblog , a free service that provides a simple interface to post your blog.

But for me, I prefer to use U*blog developed by EIJ, this small software can handle HTML well. Here's a screen shot:

I take a blog-photo with my Treo 650 internal cheapie camera, then manage and rename the file using SplashPhoto. SplashPhoto is faster than the bundled Media program. Here's a screen shot too:

Finally I use VFS-FTP to upload the photo on my server. Here's one more screen shot:

So what if you don't have your FTP server, and still wants to manage a Photo Blog on the road? Honestly I don't know and I don't really need to know, but you may be able to find the answer at Flickr.com.

Still too difficult or complicated for you? Then here's a real simple solution for a mobile photo-audio-video weblog (or moblog): Moblog UK.


Cambodian Casino

Ah Chin went back to Taiwan yesterday for 3 weeks and Pazu's Thai 2-month visa (plus one 1-month extension) were all expired today so he went for a visa run again, it seems to be quite clever for the Thai immigration dept that at least they force to "move" every month or so. Pazu joined the reputable "Jack Golf" tour instead of those found in Khao San because everyone said it was really smooth, but it wasn't, not at this moment at least.

Once we were on the tour bus the guide apologized and said that, "Our leader, Thaksin, don't like corruption, we have a problem, we have to wait at the immigration office..." What he meant was that Premier Thaksin Shinawatra was determined to fight against corruption (amid his lots of conflicts of interest) and now the border police are just too afraid to take bribe from tour companies and let them pass without queuing. This is fair though...

And while Pazu was queuing outside the immigration office, a big groups of journalists came after a big head (see photo), we absolutely have no idea as to who he was (and later Oat claimed that he was Saddam Hussein). He came and talked to a guy standing next to Pazu, "Where are you going?" was all he said, Pazu wanted to complain about the thick line but he was gone already.

Today was Saturday and Thai tourists were rushing to Poipet to throw away their money at the Cambodian casino, so the queue line was really thick and we had waited for 3 hours. After the Thai side everything was smooth and easy again (= Khmer police more corrupted).

We had a free buffet lunch at the Holiday Palace Hotel (Casino) too, people on the same group complained that the food wasn't really good enough but Pazu finished four plates anyway.

Somebody said on the guestbook that Kong Junior disappeared in the last few blog posts, so let Pazu puts up aother photo of Kong Jr here, he was playing jackpot machine, and obviously he was mot dua (lit. lose body = broke)! (Thailand: Bangkok)


Dancing "yum" shrimps

Okay I know you can't see what we were eating, this photo was taken by the cheapie camera of Treo 650, strange it is for combination of such a sophisticated smartphone and a low-tech camera. Anyway, the thing we ate tonight was "yum gung den", which can be roughly translated as something like dancing "yum" shrimps. They're dancing because they were still alive when they were mixed with chilly, lemon and many other ingredients of yum. Oat said he felt very sorry for the shrimps but he found it tasty, and Pazu just tasted it for the first time and found it very delicious. Gross it may sound to your ears, but believe us it's just good to your tongue. And then we went back home, Oat complained that he felt the shrimps were "talking" inside his stomach! (Thailand: Bangkok, 20050728-00188)


TK Park

This is Thailand knowledge Park at the World Trade Center, a very big "knowledge" library with an internet cafe (free for children), a library with lots of Thai and foreign magazines, and some good books for borrowing. Everything seems to be very high-tech and we love it here. Visit their website: www.tkpark.or.th (Thailand: Bangkok, 20050727-00187)


It's familar...

I don't know what to write but Pazu bought a new phone (Treo 650) which can update the weblog so he asked me to upload yet another familiar photo again. Ah Chin went for the annual dinner of the World Daily (Chinese newspaper based in Bangkok) with Miss Poj, leaving us alone, apparently she has some connection and she wore a yellow dress tonight (haha)! Oat walks with walkers these days and we went to 8BAN to have another jumbo Japanese noodles. The photo was taken outside MBK. (Thailand: Bangkok, 20050726-00186)


An old school friend

The guy with a protruding middle finger is Tai, an old school friend and he was in the same team as Pazu when they were boy scouts. This is not the first time that Pazu met him while travelling, in 2001 they saw each other in Tibet without any prior arrangement. This time Tai did send Pazu an email before coming to Bangkok, he came to work on a news delivery system using wi-fi for the BTS train. We had quite a nice dinner at Krua A-roi near WTC, Oat once said the owner was his friend. (Thailand: Bangkok, 20050725-00185)


Buffet again

We went to the same place again for a buffet, but Ah Chin didn't come this time because she went to Khorat with her staff (Miss Poj) for an escape (from me and Oat or what?) And we went to have buffet with a cyclist friend Oil, she seemed to be very happy because of an interview on today's newspaper about her, Pazu couldn't read much Thai and asked Oat to translate for him, but for some reasons Oat seemed anything but interesting. Anyway, the buffet was our first and only meal today, the owner wouldn't be very happy to see us again! :) (Thailand: Bangkok, 20050724-00184)


Khao Pansa Festival

Things have been quite uneventful, or not really that uneventful but it's just a bit "inapropriate" to reveal too much on a blog as some of the people involved may not be very happy (and yet they're also visitors here... are you reading me??) After Guru Oat was discharged from the hospital, Pazu and Oat are staying at a friend's home, and this very kind friend (not in photo) who offered us a charming place to stay requested me not to reveal her identity... strange she was, but thank you very much. It was a Thai Buddhism festival called Khao Pansa last Saturday, a time when monks are supposed to stay at the temple vicinity for three months (this area can mean the whole province depending their own definition...) There were some parade outside our home last Friday. We were, however, a bit lazy to go to any temple. (Thailand: Bangkok, 20050723-00183)


Out of hospital

After a few days in the hospital, Oat still couldn't walk and the doctor said it would probably need another month to recover (not sure if he meant fully...), Oat's left foot joint was broken indeed, now he was plastered and walked with aid. Oat, Pazu, Ah-Chin and Kong Junior were all in this photo, the last photo we took in the hospital. Pazu was relieved to take a clean breathe. (Thailand: Bangkok, 20050708-00182)


Damaged bike

Pazu enlarged this photo to Oat, assuming that he already knew this tragedy, that his bike frame was broken. But to Pazu's surprise, Oat didn't know it until that moment, his heart was almost broken when he was revealed the truth. A Jamis racing bike, his precious! These days Pazu stayed with Oat almost everyday to serve as his chii manager...
(Thailand: Bangkok, 20050707-00181)


Hospital Days

Friends of Oat kept coming these days to see him, most of them are also from the Thailand Cycling Club, but the police didn't come at all. Hey at least they should do something, or tell Oat what they are going to do... and why didn't the police go and catch the drunk motorcyclist? We didn't know. But a volunteer lawyer of the TCC would probably get an answer (left 2). (Thailand: Bangkok, 20050706-00180)


Drunk motorcyclist

As of what had happened yesterday, a drunken motorcyclist went the wrong way at high speed, he hit Oat and fell down on the ground, face down. Oat thought he was dead and tried to do some first aid, Oat found that this drunk was just sleeping, such a pig! Rescue Team and police came nd set up some road-blocks, another hi-speed driver of a private car couldn't stop on time and hit another motorbike. Nobody died that day. Anyway, the family of the drunk motorcyclist came to the hospital and didn't even say an apology to Oat, Oat overheard their conversation however, "The cyclist can go after 2 days, we don't have to compensate him." We also hoped this was true, but Oat's left foot needed a surgery, he probably couldn't ride his bike for another month. Photo notes: 1. Oat went for a surgery; 2. Back to be crazy after surgery, wearing helmet on bed without authorization from nurse; 3. Oat's schoolmate Mr Neung who was trying to do the so-called Jan-Dara ice massage on Oat.

(Thailand: Bangkok, 20050705-00179)



Today was another unforgettable day. We went to have some fish with Oat after his job, he sent us back to the guesthouse then cycled back his home about 20km away, quite a common routine. At about 1:00 Oat gave Pazu an unexpected call and said,"I got hurt, I was hit by a motorbike!" Pazu was shocked and even wondered for a single moment if this was actually another joke. "I'll call you back tomorrow!" was Oat's final word and he hanged up. Pazu tried to trace the way back to Nonthaburi but it wasn't easy at all, we just knew it was somewhere north of the Chao Praya River so we just followed the main road and our compass, Pazu was in such a hurry that he skipped a red light. A plain-clothed motorcyclist followed and gestured us to stop (with some authority), he asked us why we didn't follow the light. Hey this is not time for playing game with a police (or what), so Pazu just tried to keep his nerve by explaining briefly about the situation and bid farewell politely. We didn't need people to tell us where the scene was, in front of us was a few police cars, ambulance, blood on ground and Oat's wounded bicycle. But what shocked Pazu most was a burnt private car... what happened? Don't tell us Oat wa hit by this! People saw Pazu and whispered, "Oh this must be his friend, you, come to see your friend." Pazu expected something worse so it was actually quite a relief to see that only Oat's leg was broken. He was sent to a hospital by his S.M.A.R.T. Rescue Team. Pazu stayed with him at the hospital to work as his private CHII and KII (pee and shit) manager. Photo notes: 1. Pazu arrived at the scene after 40 minutes, and took this photo outside the ambulance. It was Oat's leg! 2. Blood on floor; 3. Police set up road-blocks investigating the accident, a car driver (another drunk probably) couldn't stop and burnt his car. Pazu was so shocked as he thought it was the car who hit Oat; 3. Police were gathering information around the site, but they didn't come to the hospital later... perhaps it's their ways of working, even Oat didn't know; 4. Members of Oat's S.M.A.R.T. First Aid Team wanted to help Oat to take back his bicycle, but police said that they needed to take this bike to a specific site, later they charged 300B for storage.

(Thailand: Bangkok, 20050704-00178)


Night market

Pazu and Oat went to the Saturday Night Market at Worachak which sold almost everything legal or barely legal, this robot looks remotely familiar, they even have the first edition of Nitendo, this Saturday market is within walking distance from Khao San Road, but no farangs cared to come. (Thailand: Bangkok, 20050703-00177)


Another reunion

Strangely I forgot to tell you our another reunion with a Japanese whom we met in Lijiang of China five years ago. She was Yuki (right) and she planned to work at a tour agency or what in Bangkok for around 2 years. On the left was Hiroko, a friend of Yuki and by some reasons Pazu still couldn't quite understand, Hiroko also knew some other people whom Pazu had meet before... perhaps the world was really small. And after 5 years, what Pazu had changed? Yuki said, "Oh five years ago you look like a child, now you are an adult!" Hmmm... maybe in Japan they have another concept of underage. Anyway, the reunion happened a week ago, on 26 June. (Thailand: Bangkok, 20050702-00176)


Keanu Potter

We think we should something funnier to entertain you but it's been quite uneventful in Bangkok (it didn't mean we didn't enjoy being here...) It's about Guru Oat again, he lost his contact lens for a few days already and he had the extra benefit of seeing everything quite different from ours. We went to buy something at Big C and Oat asked us if this (photo) was Harry Potter. Yes, but after 20 years. :P (Thailand: Bangkok, 20050701-00175)