We didn't even know his name

This is a friend of Ah Chin from Taiwan and we didn't even know his name, so it was actually quite bizarre when he suggested to invite not only Ah Chin but also Pazu and Oat to a Japanese restaurant at World Trade Center. Thanks, but what's your name? (Thailand: Bangkok, 20050630-00174)


Another vaccine

Oat went for another rabies vaccine injection again at a hospital in Nonthaburi, Pazu and Ah Chin were his good friends so they followed Oat to the hospital (and took photos). While we were waiting at the seemingly endless queue, Pazu chatted with Ah Chin in Chinese, the nurse said, "If you're saying something bad about us, I'll give Mr Oat a rather painful injection." If we had known it earlier... (Thailand: Bangkok, 20050628-00173)


Chuk raai

Guru Oat risked his life to save a dog a few days ago, but see what he conspired with Ah-Chin to do to Kong Junior, they put Kong Junior on top of a teriyaki! We ate this buffet teriyaki outside the BTS of Ratchadamri, Oat suddenly asked Ah-Chin and Pazu if they understood the word "chuk raai", it means bad luck, Oat said, "When the owner knows that I'm coming to have the buffet teriyaki, he knows he has bad luck that day!" (Thailand: Bangkok, 20050616-00172)


Rabies shot

After a whole day of cycling and whole night of karaoking on Sunday, Oat and Pazu sent Ah-Chin back home and yet still, went for another round of chatting. They sat on a bench near Khao San Road, then suddenly they heard something crashed, a dog was hit by a motorbike. The dog was lying on the main traffic road and kept ilent for 5 seconds, then screamed painfully. Oat rushed to help but the dog was still in a shock and defensively bit Oat's finger to bleeding. After some painstkaing effort the dog was finaly rescued (and walked away!), everybody around including the khatoey cheered and clapped their hands. But what worried Pazu a lot was Oat's bitten wound, a dog on street sounds like a perfect host of rabies. Oat tried to convince Pazu (or convinced himself) that it's a mai-bpen-rai's matter. Pazu asked, "But how can you bu so sure that this is non-rabies?" Oat said he couldn't but still quite reluctant to go to the hospital (perhapshe knew already what the doctor would do...). After 2 day (that's today), he finally made up his mind or courage to go for the rabies vaccine shot, the doc asked him, "When did the dog bite you?" "Two days ago...", Oat said. The doctor exclaimed, "Are you crazy?" Oat's always a bit crazy anyway but what so impressive about him was that he never complained once about the dog, he never regretted to save the little life and then spent quite a fortune for the vaccines (vaccines are not free in Thailand), and rabies injections can never feel lonely, four more injections are awaiting him... good luck! (Thailand: Bangkok, 20050614-00171)


Sunday trip to Bang Khunthien

For or against her will, Ah-Chin was compelled to go with Pazu and Oat and 300 other members of the Thailand Cycling Club for another bike trip on Sunday. Ah-Chin asked, "How many kilometers to go?" Oat said 30. But sorry, this is the shortest distance on the main highway and we biked through the countryside instead which made the trip more pleasant and about 1.5 times longer (and we hadn'tcounted in the part of return yet). We biked to Bang Khunthien village which was located at the southernmost part of Bangkok, facing the gulf of Siam, the wooden bike lane leaded to the sea was impressive, Oat took some videos and it looked like roller coaster. We hoped Ah-Chin enjoyed the trip but she seemed to enjoy sleeping before, during and after cycling. To Pazu's astonishment, after a whole day of cycling, Ah-Chin said she was too tired and suggested to go karaoking at MBK, till 1am. Have a sweet dream! (Thailand: Bangkok, 20050612-00170)


Saturday trip to Nonthaburi

We went for a bike trip to a nearby province called "Nonburi" and the name sounds roughly familiar to Pazu's ears, not until he arrived there did he realize it's actually a nickname for Nonthaburi, and that's Oat's hometown. We visitedthis province a few times before but were stil quite surprised to see so many temples which seemed to have been abondoned for some time in the past, some were even wrapped by trees like those in Angkor. As to wy the devoted Buddhists of Thais didn't care much, Pazu dare not to ask Oator he would say we didn't show enough respect or what to the religion, he always has his theories. The lady standing next to Pazu of the first picture was Miss Oil (Oil is really from English, which means petroleum!), previously a Thai national team. (Thailand: Bangkok, 20050611-00169)


Surprising reunion

Pazu woke up quite late this morning so he missed his breakfast, it was then almost raining when he was ready to leave the guesthouse and get some food, so he skipped his usual breakfast place which had no covered parking place for the bicycle. He biked to another soi, hoping to find some rice, and then, out of anyone's imagination, he met Yoshi-san (Japanese), a name that appeared quite frequently in Pazu's old travelog (in Chinese)! Pazu first met Yoshi-san five years ago in the dormitory of Four Seasons Guesthouse in Dali Old Town of Yunnan Province, China, then met each other again and again, and yet again just 2 years ago! It was really a surprise to see him here, what are you doing here Mr Yoshi?! He said he was going to write some Cambodian travel information for a website. We went with his female friend (not a girlfriend, haha) and Guru Oat to Hachi-ban again to have some Japanese ramen. (Thailand: Bangkok, 20050610-00168)


Last supper

Then Ah-Ling (Ah-Chin's sister) would be going back to Taiwan tomorrow, so we had our last supper here at their office. We were too full so we walked all the way to the flower market, and to Khao San for the last souvenir's shopping tour of Ah-Ling, then back to Worachak again. We lost count of how many kilometers we walked and you don't have to know the locations either, but it meant that we walked from 20:00 till 01:00. Ah-Ling asked, "How could we do that?" Ah-Chin said, "Killing me is easier!" Oat and Pazu said, "You'd better get a bike..." (Thailand: Bangkok, 20050609-00167)


He couldn't finish it!

We went to the home of Oat's Brother, not a blood brother but you call everyone brother ("pii") here in Thailand. Brother is a professional modelist, he must have enjoyed his job a lot or he wouldn't stuffed his home with all sets of modello. We went there, however, not to admire the collection, but to watch DVDs (most are original copies, Brother must be quite a rare figure in Thailand!), Pazu hadn't had too many chances to watch movies while travelling so we watched 3 movies till dawn, Oat was hungry so he bought 5 packs of mama noodles, but guess what, he couldn't finish them all! Pazu still remembered once Oat said people should finish all the food on the table as a kind of respect, to use his words, he didn't show enough "respect" for the mama noodles! On the next morning, without sleeping for a night, Oat went to work again. (Thailand: Bangkok, 20050608-00166)


Egytian kebab

Fredric was not only one of the rare cyclists we met in Laos, we actually met each other on an "off-beaten" track at Ban Theosanbarn of Saravane Province. Two months ago while Pazu had carelessly sprained his right ankle and forced to stay at that small village, we didn't really expect to have a chance to meet up any other long-distanced cyclist so it was naturally quite a surprise for both of us to see Fredric. Fredric was still working in Bangkok so we went out for a dinner at Suan-lum Night Bazaar. He exclaimed, "What a different world here!" Laos really seemed like another world, we miss the tranquility there but we ate sticky rice almost everyday which was quite boring, while we could have Egytian kebab here in Bangkok. (Thailand: Bangkok, 20050607-00165)


Pi-set Japanese noodles

What a good friend Ah-Ching must be, a few days ago she kidnapped Kong Junior for a night, and now she seized the beloved bicycle of Pazu and rid it to the National Stadium. Anyway, we (Kong Junior, Ah Chin, Ah Ling and Pazu) had some Japanese cold noodles at 8-Ban Ramen tonight, we were so hungry that we asked the waitress to give us a "pi-set" version, special! It's 4 times bigger than the normal one, but wait, how could the two ladies you eat so much?! (Thailand: Bangkok, 20050606-00164)


Bike to the Premier's home

The Thailand Cycling Club (TCC) organized a short bike trip this Sunday to the home of the Prime Minister Thaksin Shinawatra to appeal to the improvement of roads for cyclists inside Bangkok Metropolis. The trip were joined by 200+ cyclists, mostly Thais, but also including Kong Junior and Pazu. This was indeed the second club ride for Pazu (the first one was 6 months ago), and it was so great to ride with so many people, all traffic were basically jammed, a traffic police cleared the road for us, all cars stopped before we came, pedestrians stared because of the funny scene (one cyclist was dressed like Bat Man). The first photo was taken outside the Premier's home, but you know, Thaksin was such a rich guy he didn't need to stay at the government-sponsored premier residency for cheap charlie, he stayed somewhere else more upmarket indeed so we didn't see him. The chieftain of our Cycling Club read a letter of appeal or something then the trip ended very peacefully. The second photo was Mr Bank, Pazu and Guru Oat. Notice the helmet of Guru Oat had a funny cheapie-looking flashlight attached, he bought it at Panthip for 350B (US$9). (Thailand: Bangkok, 20050605-00163)


Kidnapped by Ah Chin

Ah Ching, our Taiwanese friend who was working in Bangkok, and her sister Ah Ling, kidnapped Kong Junior at their office overnight yesterday. On the next day, as if something like a compensation, Ah Ching invited us for some "ice rice". As to what happened to Kong Junior, Pazu didn't really know. (Thailand: Bangkok, 20050604-00162)



Bangkok is the most densely populated area in Thailand, or perhaps also in the whole SE Asia. Fire isn't uncommon, we saw one yesterday. While we were riding back to our guesthouse at night, Guru Oat was excited by the sound of siren, he basically traced the sound to the source and found this building on fire. Police blocked the road for "normal" traffic, but everyone with a sense of curiosity were totally welcomed and could go in the restricted area without any restrictions. As you can imagine, firemen were outnumbered by onlookers, it was pretty much like a mess in the scene. Pazu remembered another fire in Bangkok 5 months ago when a building collapsed... so why should we stay here any longer, Guru Oat! But we forgot to tell you the fire we saw 5 months ago, Guru Oat led me and Pazu to the site actually, and we were having dinner right in front of the collapsed building... (Thailand: Bangkok, 20050603-00161)



Bangkok was one of the best places in SE Asia for shopping, and for us no places were better than Bangkok to overhaul our bike. Not only because parts were cheaper here, but we had our bike guru Luang-pii Oat here. We went to a Teochew Chinese bike shop at Charon Sanitwong soi 20 (on the Tonburi side) and spent a lot of money, and a lot more, and even more to do the overhaul. You know it was a temptation! When you know that for a mere US$50 you can have a difference, you would do it. Oat asked, "But why do you need such a good bike?" Pazu said, "Because this is really the last chance we can buy some bike parts, after Bangkok we have no idea as to when and where to have another chance, better to spend more money here right now instead of regretting later." And after five months of cycling Pazu decided he really love cycle touring. Then Oat said, perhaps also with a tone of sarcasm but Pazu couldn't feel it, "Hey, you can go for racing now! Haha!" Oh Guru Oat, how flattering! You're very nice jing-jing ah! (Thailand: Bangkok, 20050602-00160)